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wonder drink cbd

Robinson hopes not only to have a product that grows along with the industry, but also allows her to give back and lift others up.

W*nder is a naturally-flavored sparkling beverage, it is infused with vitamins and CBD,” says the drink’s creator, Tanisha Robinson. “We’ve got four unique flavors and formulations, under the idea that we want people to wonder all day.”

“Anecdotally, people take CBD for anxiety for inflammation and it’s a great antioxidant,” said Robinson. “And, beverages are a really easy delivery mechanism for people that want to experience CBD in a very precise dosage.”

“We’re very excited to join in the community and help others succeed,” says Charles Penzone Salon Director Allye Blankenship. “CBD is very popular right now and I think being able to infuse that into all of our cafes and our social bars in all the locations is very exciting for our guests.”

“All of our beverages have 20 milligrams CBD isolate, no THC and 25 calories,” says Robinson.

Survey data shows that legal cannabis businesses are overwhelmingly white male-owned, and several reports from legal markets show factors such as convictions which prohibit licensure or lack of capital for startup costs disproportionally keep Black and Latino people, who she calls the “O.G. entrepreneurs”, out of the market.

Because CBD drinks are still new, she’s launching the product with special customer and staff education events with sales partners like Charles Penzone salons. She educates people on what CBD does and doesn’t do, and provides info cards to customers.

Research is still developing on the effects of CBD to treat or provide relief for conditions, but early studies suggest some potential benefits for a variety of ailments.

The CBD beverage industry is growing to meet increased demand. Data from analysts Zenith Global the U.S. cannabis drinks market could hit 1.4 billion by 2023. But not all CBD products are the same, and the market is full of untested and unverified products.

Wonder drink cbd

Delta-8 THC offers a lower psychotropic potency that provides body relaxation and clear-headedness. When combined with Delta-9 THC and CBD, a unique cannabinoid profile that is entirely new to the beverage scene is produced; designed to enable consumers to feel more present in the moment and encourage them to experience the wonder in their lives.

Powered by Vertosa, an industry-leading and GMP certified manufacturer of patent pending emulsions, each 8oz can of WUNDER is infused with micro-emulsified cannabis extract containing 8mg of cannabinoids in microscopic droplets that can be absorbed sublingually, allowing the effects to be felt in as few as fifteen minutes after consuming.


In an effort to both celebrate and give back to the cannabis community, WUNDER is inviting you to join in the fight for the freedom of the 40,000+ people still imprisoned for nonviolent cannabis crimes. From July 15-31, with the purchase of two WUNDER 4-packs, 50% of the proceeds will benefit the Last Prisoner Project.

SAN FRANCISCO–( BUSINESS WIRE )–Today, California’s WUNDER launches its first line-up of all-natural, cannabis-infused, canned sparkling beverages that provide balance, bold flavors, and a more conscious alternative to alcohol. Available in three flavors—Watermelon Wave, Lemon Ginger Lift, and Blood Orange Bliss—each can is precisely dosed with a well-considered blend of 2mg of THC, 2mg of Delta-8, and 4mg of CBD. With this, WUNDER brings a truly sessionable beverage to the cannabis market, and is the first to include Delta-8 —a cannabinoid known for its low psychoactive effects, as well as promoting body relaxation and presence of mind.

From the minds of digital consumer, cannabis, and e-commerce industry veterans (Zynga, Warner Brothers, NorCal Cannabis, Man Crates, and more), Alexi Chialtas, Christian Peterson and Phil McGarr, WUNDER’s unique and low-dose cannabinoid profile makes it the ideal social and sessionable summertime beverage, with a maximum of 60 calories per can (less than half the calories of beer or wine). Best served chilled—straight from the can or over ice—all three flavors have been carefully crafted with real fruit juice and all-natural ingredients that combine with the cannabinoids to create refreshing, bold, effervescent beverages that taste wonderful and inspire awe. WUNDER is launching exclusively with The Apothecarium, San Francisco’s premier cannabis dispensary, and is now available in-store and for delivery throughout the Bay Area.

“WUNDER’s mission is to bring wonder to the world through a more mindful alternative to alcohol,” says Alexi Chialtas, Co-Founder and CEO of WUNDER. “Cannabis has been inaccessible to so many often due to stigma, format, dosage and branding. We are changing that paradigm. Truly low-dosed, all-natural beverages with a quick onset speak to audiences looking for choices that are holistically better for them. Our beverages are formulated for people to feel engaged and inspired, not sluggish or foggy. WUNDER’s unique combination of THC, Delta-8 and CBD creates a gentle wave of relaxation and euphoria.”