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wisconsin cbd law

Wisconsin cbd law

CBD oil was legalized in Wisconsin for strict medical purposes under a bill dubbed Lydia’s Law in 2014. It was then legalized in 2017 for a more broad list of medical purposes for adults 18 and older, along with a pilot hemp production program. Those two medical CBD laws were limited, labeled as an “investigational drug permit” issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

What is CBD?

You need to be at least 18 years old to purchase hemp-derived CBD in Wisconsin. There are many popular stores that sell CBD and hemp-based products throughout the state.

Where to buy CBD in Wisconsin

In 2017, CBD oil was legalized in Wisconsin when SB 10 was signed into law by Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Introduced in the Senate and it passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in the state Senate by a vote of 31-1. The bill legalized possession of CBD oil in the state with a doctor’s recommendation.

Wisconsin cbd law

The sale of any amount of marijuana is also a felony, as is the cultivation of one plant. If caught selling over 200 grams or growing five or more plants, the possible prison term increases to six years.

New legislation seemed to ensure CBD became legal in the Badger State within weeks. Assembly Bill 49, a partner bill of SB 10, was passed in March 2017. It further reduced the restrictions on cannabinoids in Wisconsin.

Exceptions to these rules include Madison and Milwaukee. In Madison, Ordinance 23.30 allows residents to possess up to 28 grams of marijuana in their houses. In Milwaukee, you can store up to 25 grams in your home.

Even if you could get a recommendation from a doctor to buy CBD oil in Wisconsin, there was no system in place for physicians to obtain and dispense the products. Fortunately, Wisconsin Act 68 has ended the need for a doctor’s recommendation to buy CBD.

Marijuana Penalties in Wisconsin

However, physicians aren’t strictly permitted to prescribe CBD. Instead, they can ‘recommend’ it. Doctors can only prescribe FDA-approved products, and at present, Epidiolex is the only drug containing CBD that falls into this category.

Although purchasing hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, state laws often cause confusion.

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Do You Need a Doctor’s Prescription to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

There is a huge array of physical stores dedicated to the sale of CBD. You might also find major retailers such as Walgreens stocking the cannabinoid. Many gas stations likely sell CBD in Wisconsin, though we don’t recommend such products. Here are five highly-rated stores in the state that sell CBD oil.

The state has remained resolutely anti-marijuana since 1939, with all legalization efforts defeated. However, a 2018 referendum showed clear support for eliminating cannabis prohibition in the state. Two cities and 16 counties voted in favor of legalizing recreational and medical marijuana.