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windmill vitamins cbd

Since 1972, Windmill Health Products has been servicing Independent Pharmacies with superior supplements, exceptional service, education and promotional support. Windmill is celebrating 50 years of quality and service with a new, vibrant packaging design. Windmill’s A-Z vitamin line is still and will always be exclusive to the Independent Pharmacy class of trade. Our A-Z line includes non-GMO, vegan, gluten, soy, dairy and allergen-free items, plus a complete line of preservative free products.

In addition to the A-Z vitamin line, Windmill has remained at the forefront of developing cutting-edge formulas, including condition-specific brands to help build sales in key pharmacy categories including RxSelect Hemp/CBD, Resistance C, Country Farms, Rapid Fire Coffee, KetoScience and Sleep Soundly as well as the broadest assortment of Immune System Support formulas available to independent pharmacy.

Windmill is your one-stop vendor offering an extensive line of products to complete your wellness and home department to help build front-end sales and profitability. Our revenue generating programs include As Seen on TV products, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), Kiss My Face Skin Care, Reading & Sunglass programs and Cell Phone and Tech Accessories.

We welcome you to contact us for more information on how Windmill can become your wellness partner and bring the most progressive, profit generating programs to your store.

Windmill vitamins cbd


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