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willie nelson cbd cream

Willie Nelson is expanding his Willie's Reserve line of cannabis products with a new range of THC-free products called Willie's Remedy.

The icon is also a tireless advocate for America's farmers, and he hopes changing laws around hemp production will be beneficial to them financially.

Nelson has been very open about his fondness for cannabis over the years, and he personally tests all of his products, which he insists must be cultivated on independent farms in small batches and use only organic inputs. CBD oil is a derivative of the cannabis plant, and advocates say it has many of the same health benefits of marijuana; however, its lack of THC means users do not experience the euphoric or psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Willie nelson cbd cream

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I can’t start my day without it, but by the end of my morning cup I’m often left feeling jittery and anxious.

There could be a lot of reasons why I felt so ambivalent towards my first sip of CBD coffee. Maybe I didn’t drink enough. CBD also affects everyone differently, so perhaps I just have a high tolerance for it. Or maybe Willie’s Remedy suffers from the same problems that a lot of CBD food and drink companies do: consistency — or lack thereof.

That’s actually the way I felt about most of my CBD coffee experience: I couldn’t tell if I was actually being affected, or if it was mostly placebo. I certainly felt the energy kick that comes with a strong cup of black coffee. But was I also more relaxed? Focused? Calm? I can’t really tell you.