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what is cbd gum

What is cbd gum

Although the legislation didn’t legalize CBD sales or use in America, it represented a tremendous boost for the industry. The vast majority of hemp plants grown in the U.S. are for the cannabidiol market.

Jumping on the Bandwagon

If you consume CBD via capsules or oil, it has to pass through the liver before reaching the bloodstream. Most of the cannabidiol is metabolized there, which means you immediately lose the vast majority of it. In theory, CBD chewing gum should enable the cannabinoid to reach the bloodstream without passing through the liver.

Is CBD Chewing Gum Effective?

Certainly, CBD chewing gum is a discreet and easy way to consume the cannabinoid. Endoca says its gum quickly releases CBD through the bloodstream via the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat.

What is cbd gum

However, the lack of federal oversight for the CBD industry leaves an opening for confusion about dosing and ingredients, and some companies seem to conflate hemp oil and CBD oil. Hemp oil — which is highly nutritious and beneficial for overall health — is extracted from the seeds of the cannabis plant. CBD, lauded for its anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and ameliorative effects, is extracted from the flower, stalk, and stem of the plant.

Containing 5 milligrams of full-spectrum hemp extract per piece, Elevate CBD Gum is available in an 80-ounce tin or 20-serving bottle. Using hemp sourced from growers in the northeast region of the US, this CBD chewing gum is gluten-free, vegan, and lab-tested for potency, purity, quality, and safety.

3 CBD gums to try now

Your basic stick of sugar-free gum, however, doesn’t come with that extra CBD punch. “What’s different about CBD gum is how it’s absorbed. When you eat [CBD] as a capsule or gummy, it’s getting digested and broken down through the liver,” said Ross. “When you eat it as gum, you’re releasing it through your cheek, so it’s getting absorbed sublingually and submucosally. It’s going directly into the bloodstream. When they say this is highly bioavailable, it actually is.”

That bioavailability could help increase CBD levels in the bloodstream, which may help promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Elevate CBD Gum

The woman is, of course, skeptical at first, but decides to try a piece. She expresses to the camera its minty fresh flavor, and two seconds later, tada. She’s jogging again, miraculously cured by one piece of CBD gum.

Easily decide precisely how much you want to take throughout the day, and take it anywhere with no pipette or strange tasting oil to contend with.

An exciting new format: Take your CBD anywhere with no pipette or strange tasting oil to contend with.

High quality CBD on the move. Absorbed as you chew to inspire soothing calm and encourage recovery, so you feel ready anytime and anywhere.

We use the highest quality hemp oil in our gum. Each delicious peppermint flavoured piece contains a 3mg dose of CBD, which is absorbed through your mouth and gums as you chew.

Peppermint flavour gum with 3mg of hemp oil in each piece.