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what is cbd e juice

CBD is short for cannabidiol, and it’s one of numerous different compounds found in the cannabis plant, and unlike one of the compounds, THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD has no psychoactive effects, and will not get you high.

CBD E-Liquid Strengths

Ensure you store and use all your vaping e-liquids safely, ie, in a cool dark place and away from children, vulnerable adults and animals.

CBD E-Liquid Storage and Safe Use

CBD e-liquid is a hemp-based cannabinoid product specially and specifically formulated for vaping with e-cigarettes. CBD e-liquid is also known as CBD vape juice and cannabis e-juice. It is considered a convenient and beneficial way of consuming CBD.

What is cbd e juice

While cannabidiol can be enjoyed through a variety of different delivery methods, including CBD tinctures, CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD topicals, and more, the vaping of CBD e-liquid has recently become the most popular and accessible form of consumption.

CBD e-liquid can be made with three types of CBD extract:

Maximum Yield Explains CBD E-liquid

CBD e-liquid, also known as CBD vape juice or CBD e-juice, (or often incorrectly as “CBD vape oil”) is a formulated liquid used in vapes and vape cartridges to deliver extracted CBD.

CBD e-liquid is made of four ingredients: water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and extracted, non-psychoactive cannabidiols, generally derived from hemp.

Vaping CBD allows your body to absorb and process the cannabidiol at a much faster rate than ingestion. This means that the CBD accesses your bloodstream through your lungs instead of your digestive system. This leads to more precise dosage and comfort control as well as quicker effects.

What is cbd e juice

Vaping CBD is the fastest way to get CBD into your system and begin to feel the effects. This makes vaping CBD a great option if you suffer from sudden pains or require instant relief. The effects are not as long lasting as a CBD patch, but they are more instantaneous. Many people who use CBD vapes report that it eases anxiety and stress, there are also many consumers who find that vaping CBD has pain relief benefits too.

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol and is one of over one hundred cannabinoids that are contained within the cannabis plant. CBD doesn’t get you high and has no psychoactive effects. It is THC, which is an abbreviation of tetrahydrocannabinol, that causes the infamous high that is so commonly associated with cannabis.

CBD & Vaping

Vaping is growing in popularity and you can buy Juul or other vape cartridges in many supermarkets and off licences. E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco; this does not mean that vapes are harmless though. Cigarettes can cause a wide variety of health issues over the long-term and can lead to deadly diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular problems, emphysema among others. Studies have shown that while vaping may not inflict as much damage, it could still be harmful.

Recent statistics indicate that over 3.5 million people is the UK use e-cigarettes or vapes. This is an increase of 500% since 2012. The use of vapes and e-cigarettes are cheaper than traditional cigarettes and vaping is widely considered to be significantly less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Over the past 5 years, CBD has also exponentially grown in popularity with the use of CBD oil and CBD vapes dramatically rising.

What is CBD?

There are reported benefits of vaping. E-liquid typically contains a mixture of water, solvents nicotine and a flavouring. The lack of tobacco is often the most appealing aspect to using a vape. It has been reported that vaping assists smokers to quit cigarettes and the nicotine that is contained within the vape helps people who are addicted to give up cigarettes. This is often a helpful first step in quitting smoking, however nicotine addictions can remain.