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what is a cbd gel pen

What is a cbd gel pen

How does it work?

Organic CBD for Pets

When pets suffer from stress, anxiety, pain, and inflammation, they can’t exactly tell you what’s wrong, but you can recognize when their behaviors change. If they’re hiding under the bed, refusing to eat, vocalizing (barking, whining, meowing, etc.), or having trouble getting up, for example, you know something isn’t right.

How Does Organic CBD Help Your Pets?

CBD Oil for Pets is made with non-psychoactive organic broad-spectrum hemp. Hemp contains undetectable levels of THC. So no, it cannot make your pet high.

What is a cbd gel pen

Have you tried this gel pen on your dog? Have you ever tried any other CBD-infused products with your pet? I’d love to hear your opinion on this product, and if you have any first hand experience with CBD as a treatment for dogs, I’d be interested in hearing that too.

For more information on the uses of cannabis in the pet industry, check out our extensive article Cannabis for Dogs and Cats – New Businesses in the US Pet Industry.

If you would like to try to help your dog by using any CBD infused products, it’s best to chat with your veterinarian first. If your vet doesn’t approve of this treatment, you can always get a second opinion from a holistic veterinarian or other canine health specialist in your area.


Summary of CBD Gel Pen for Dogs Review

Supplements and infused dog treats are great, but some of the potency of the CBD is lost in the digestive tract. That’s why The Green Pet Shop created this CBD Gel Pen for dogs. It’s an easy-to-use applicator that dispenses CBD infused gel, which can then be rubbed onto your pet’s skin.

As you’ll see in my video, all you need to do is rub the CBD gel onto the inside of your dog’s ear. It’s that simple! You can also rub it on another exposed veinous area of your dog’s body if he is sensitive about you touching his ears.

If you think that a CBD Gel Pen could help your dog, $4 per day for relief from these issues probably doesn’t seem so bad, especially when you compare it to costly pharmaceuticals and surgeries. It really comes down to your own beliefs on CBD for dogs and what your veterinarian recommends.

CBD Gel Pen for Dogs Review

These pens cost $40 on the company’s website, but unfortunately that $40 won’t get you very far if you have a big dog. The dosing instructions are: