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what does cbd oil taste like

What does cbd oil taste like

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What exactly is the taste of CBD oil?

These flavors play a significant role in distinguishing the effects of various cannabis strains. Terpenes give them an identifiable flavor profile with different types of aroma and CBD tastes. This enables consumers to find the terpene type that fits their taste.

Crude oil

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant and is relatively tasteless. But if the oil contains CBD-rich extract, where the extract comes from leaves, stems, and flowers of cannabis plants, it may contain a unique taste as it preserves all the natural compounds that give the original flavor.

What does cbd oil taste like

Not all CBD oils are made the same. Because of this, they can taste very different, too, with broad-spectrum oil, crude oil and CBD isolate each boasting a unique flavour. Here’s what sets them apart…

There are various factors that affect the taste of CBD oil, but in its raw, unprocessed state, the flavour tends to be hempy, earthy and bitter. (Translation: not great.) However, when properly processed and mixed with delicious flavourings – like citrus or mint – it becomes the best part of your day (or night). Fresh, clean and bright.

CBD Isolate

So, here, we’re breaking down how you can find the best-tasting CBD oil for you – because your day-to-day self-care rituals should always be enjoyable.

CBD isolate – as found in our CBD Oil Drops – is pure CBD in an isolated crystal or powder form. Unlike broad spectrum or crude formulas, it’s free of that less-than-pleasant earthy tinge, meaning you can easily add other flavours (like citrus or peppermint) for a delicious taste. It doesn’t tend to have a distinctive smell or taste – but it’s lacking in other areas, too. Unlike a broad-spectrum CBD, it’s been filtered free of other compounds, like those therapeutic terpenes. That’s why, often, the carrier oil teamed with CBD isolate is the most prominent taste.

The Taste of Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil vs. Crude Oil vs. CBD Isolate

With the above in mind, in this article, we reveal the taste of CBD oil for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet – including: