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Whether you're looking to boost your curb appeal or just enjoy your home's exterior spaces, these outdoor decor ideas come recommended by pros. Liven up your yard with a little help from The Home Depot. Stop by for great deals on fertilizer to give your curb appeal a face lift! I am confused as to what type of  grass seeds to use. I purchased Scots sun /shade and deep shade type of seed from Home Depot, I seeded it just few …

Landscaping pros share the 13 best outdoor decor ideas that boost curb appeal

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  • Adding decor to your outdoor landscape can help boost curb appeal.
  • Exterior aesthetics also make outdoor spaces more enjoyable.
  • These outdoor decor ideas can help you create a beautiful front and backyard to be proud of.

People often talk about curb appeal as it relates to home value. But you don’t need to be selling your home to worry about outdoor aesthetics. Whether you’re making over a front yard flower garden or adding new backyard landscaping, beautifying your yard can make it more enjoyable to spend time in.

We reached out to two outdoor design experts to get their tips on the best ways to create a gorgeous outdoor landscape. Dave Angelov is the founder and CEO of garden design company Plant Parenthood and Blythe Yost is the chief landscape architect and cofounder of Tilly, an online landscape design company.

If you’re interested in creating a front or backyard oasis, we’ve gathered 13 outdoor decor ideas to boost your home’s outdoor aesthetics.

Integrate calming water features

Water features perform double duty in an outdoor setting. They provide a relaxing, audible water trickle and act as sculptural features. Angelov explains that a water feature serves a few purposes aesthetically, but most important is the sound. “It adds a calming effect and turns an industrial space into a tranquil one,” he says.

Most fountains require an electrical hookup, so keep that in mind when selecting placement. If you live somewhere with freezing winters, you may need to consider storage options, depending on the manufacturer’s instructions regarding winterization. Water movement is also essential. “It’s important to make sure your water isn’t stagnant as that can attract mosquitoes to lay eggs,” says Yost.

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What we like:

This Mediterranean-style fountain features handmade ceramic tiles and an elegant brass spout that you can adjust to control the water flow. While it’s designed to mount on a wall, it’s sturdy enough to use as a freestanding fountain.

This unique vertical-style fountain features seven copper spouts pouring into a basin below. The fountain also has a planter top, which can be used to plant tropical greenery or drought-tolerant succulents.

You can easily incorporate this simple, tiered fountain into your yard’s natural landscape. It’s weather-resistant and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Create a steamy hot tub hangout

A hot tub is the perfect backyard addition for people who love to entertain. Unfortunately, most hot tubs are kind of an eyesore. If you’re concerned about aesthetics, consider choosing a bubbly outdoor tub made of rot-resistant wood to blend into the natural landscape. Or try jazzing up your new hangout spot with a few carefully selected pieces of decor.

“A great way to integrate a hot tub into a yard is to sink it into a deck or add a pergola overhead,” says Yost. “You can also add planters around the hot tub to mask the side. Remember to add practical elements like stepping stones to the tub, a bench to hold your towel, and string lights for evening dips to make this feature more usable and enjoyable.”

What we like:

If a genuine cedar hot tub is out of your price range, consider this faux-wood look inflatable hot tub. It fits up to seven people and comes with a handy insulating cover that keeps the water warm.

Add interest and texture with these natural-look stepping stones. While they have the look and feel of natural stone, they’re a fraction of the cost.

Keep your hot tub guests hydrated with this compact outdoor cooler that doubles as a table. The 7.5-gallon cooler is rust, fade, and water-resistant.

These LED string lights from GE produce an old-fashioned glow without consuming a ton of energy.

Add trees for visual interest and privacy

A yard without trees may be easy to maintain, but it can also feel bare. Trees add visual interest and can help provide privacy to what was once a wide-open yard.

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Choosing the right trees for your climate and space is key. “Remember to consider the mature size of the tree when selecting it for your yard,” says Yost.

If you’re dealing with a compact front yard, opt for bushes or dwarf-size trees that won’t gobble up your outdoor real estate or grow vast roots that may damage nearby structures. If you’re concerned about privacy, hedges may be an option, but consider that they will likely require regular maintenance. And if space or soil quality is a concern, choose statement planters for your new saplings.

What we like:

Make your front porch or stoop more inviting by flanking your entryway with these attractive clay planters. The planters have drainage holes to prevent root rot and are safe for use indoors and out.

Greenery will pop against this dramatic black planter made of durable cement. The planter is frost-resistant and features drainage holes to let water out.

A planter with a unique design can add additional interest to your patio or porch. The frost-resistant planter is made from fiberglass, cement, sand, and crushed stone for extra durability and includes a drainage hole.

Plant a gorgeous flower garden

Adding a flower garden to your outdoor space is a no-brainer in terms of aesthetics. A flower-filled area instantly brightens things up and makes a lifeless garden come alive.

“My favorite projects are when clients say they want a more natural/wild look, fewer straight lines, and more natural curves and organized randomness,” says Angelov, who recommends swapping evergreen shrubs for pretty native wildflowers.

Depending on your property, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of color with flowers, including planters, in-ground beds, and flower boxes. Edging can also help delineate a flower bed and keep things looking neat and tidy.

What we like:

This set of modern window box planters is available in gray, black, and espresso brown. The durable plastic is crack-proof and weather-resistant. It’s also treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading.

This flexible, hammer-in edging is a simple option for marking off garden territory. Each kit contains a 20-foot coil of serrated edging and a pair of heavy-duty anchoring stakes. The plastic is also easy to snip, so you can customize the length of each section as needed.

These bold hanging flower pots are perfect for displaying colorful, trailing plants. Available in small and large, the handpainted stripey planters feature black leather straps for hanging.

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The Home Depot TV Spot, ‘Save on Fertilizer’

Liven up your yard with a little help from The Home Depot. Stop by for great deals on fertilizer to give your curb appeal a face lift!

Published September 09, 2014 Advertiser The Home Depot Advertiser Profiles Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Products The Home Depot App, Scotts Turf Builder Promotions 20% off Scotts fertilizer or snap pacs with you buy two bags Tagline “More Saving. More Doing.” Songs – Add None have been identified for this spot

Scotts grass seeds from Home Depot?? #428890

I am confused as to what type of grass seeds to use. I purchased Scots sun /shade and deep shade type of seed from Home Depot, I seeded it just few days ago, then I read on the Internet, that the best grass for Portland in fall should be perennial rye grass?? Is this true?
If so where can I buy then such type of grass here?
Area I am talking about is my backyard on the north side of the house.

Multnomah County Oregon

Expert Response

The grass you planted should be fine. 100% Perennial ryegrass is not a good choice for a shady site which I assume you have since you bought both a sun and shade mix and a dense shade mix.

Also, your sun and shade mix has about 20% perennial ryegrass along with the fine fescue (20%) and Kentucky bluegrass (10%) and the coating (50%) in it and the dense shade mix is probably almost all fine fescue.

Lastly, the grasses we plant in Oregon do not persist very long before getting taken over by other grasses in the soil seed bank including annual bluegrass, bentgrass, velvet grass, and rough bluegrass.

In spite of this fact, you can still have a nice lawn if you mow it regularly, fertilize it 1 – 4 times per year depending on the site, grass type, and expectations, and irrigate it enough in the summer to maintain the stand. Note, the lawn doesn’t need to be lush green but even watering it every few weeks deeply will keep it alive (even if it’s brown) which will prevent weed encroachment.

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