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water soluble cbd reddit

Water soluble cbd reddit

I currently take the water soluble kind, but $60 per 30ml adds up pretty quickly. I’m a big guy so I need more to reach the effects, making it an expensive item. I take it for generalized anxiety. Thank you!

Water soluble is super expensive per mg compared to regular isolate. I dont think the absorption rate is that much higher then regular(maybe 5-10%). IMO make a strong tincture, 1000mg Into 10ml gives you 100mg for 1ml minus the bioavailability 40% =40mg being fully absorbed. Buymellow has cbd 99% isolate for 24$ a gram (1000mg) and less if you get more at a time. Water soluble is around 30$ per 100mg.

Water soluble cbd reddit

Normal CBD oils are not "bad" though — they just take a long time to kick in (45 mins to 2 hours) and you will have to take much higher doses to get the same level of relief. FDA-approved prescription Epidiolex is a normal CBD oil but the bare minimum recommended starting dose is 170mg for a 150 lb. person. and a standard dose is 340mg twice per day.

I just finished visiting a CBD shop that's main product was basically water soluble CBD. They were shaming products that were CBD oils saying that our bodies take a long time to absorb the CBD in oil, but that since their product is water soluble, it will absorb quicker, producing a more accurate effect with the desired dose. Is all this true? What do you guys think?

Don't take my word for it, though. Here's a peer reviewed scientific study that found "water soluble" nano-liposomal CBD had a 6x higher absorption rate:

Liposomal (a.k.a. nanoemulsified or "water soluble") CBD works pretty much instantly and feels a lot more potent. milligram for milligram.

This is expensive, and nanoemulsified CBD will give you similar levels of relief with much lower milligrams due to the higher absorption rate.

Water soluble cbd reddit

Getting too high too fast will do that. Remember, water soluble has 5x to 10x the bioavailability, so ten times stronger! Plus it hits faster. Lower your dose accordingly and try adding to a drink and slowly sipping it like your a down south gangster with a cup full of codeine laced soda.

I've been using delta 8 water soluble powder but I've been experiencing lots of anxiety at times. I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion on where to find reasonably priced, trustworthy source of water soluble cbd powder?

Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance.

I've found a few sources but pricing seems to be astronomical compared to the delta 8 powder.

Have you tried snorting it by any chance? Really wanted to try canna bumps, apparently it's just water soluble delta 8.