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vitamist cbd

Vitamist cbd

Serving Size 8 Sprays (0.4 ml) Servings Per Container 30

SOMNA SLEEP is an oral spray dietary supplement designed as a natural support for sleep. SOMNA contains herbal extracts as well as nutrients known to help promote rest and sleep.>


Vitamist cbd

What if I took my hemp processing facility and separated out each one of the terpenes and cannabinoids into barrels.

I don’t believe any data really says if broad spectrum is worse than full spectrum. The bigger point – know there’s a difference.

Let’s talk about the term “organic.” Not regulated. USDA Certified Organic is the legal term, and that normally means you pass a specific inspection and have less, not 0, pesticides and herbicides. I can call anything that has carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen organic technically and get away with it. And boy, do companies do that.

Here’s the next area of confusion that I believe is leading to deception in CBD products: full spectrum CBD.

An Even Deeper Dive Into Full Spectrum

There’s so much that we have yet to learn about how cannabis products help us and how to formulate the perfect cannabis compound for specific conditions and specific people.

Here are some terpenes:

I have an anecdote, too. I recently vetted another CBD company, bringing my number to 38 total companies. After refusing to give me their lab test to ensure their product was quality, they finally caved and sent what I wanted to see. I can’t share it here without getting sued myself, but their “full spectrum” CBD had traces of some compounds in it, but not many of the active cannabinoids or terpenes.

Macro and Micronutrients

We don’t really know.

Then I made my monster: Franken-CBD. Adding in a pinch of CBC, a smack of limonene, exactly 0.3% THC. Can I call this full spectrum cbd oil?