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vaportech slim cbd

Vaportech slim cbd

VaporTechâ„¢ Slim Twist, Slim Auto, Slim Heat, Slim Battery, Slim VV Battery Kits

1.2v for 15 seconds to warm up the thicker oils. During the preheat cycle, the LED ring around the button will change colors. The preheating cycle can be stopped early by clicking the button once.

Thread: 510
Stylus rubber tip
Variabe Voltage
3.3 – 4.2V

Vaportech Slim Twiste Battery Kit combines battery and USB charger Battery fully charges in just 50 min.

Clicking the button rapidly 5 times will turn the battery on or off. 2 Rapid clicks when the battery is on will begin a preheating cycle that runs

3 Rapid clicks will cycle the voltage:
Green: 3.4V
Blue: 3.7V
Red: 4.0V
Press and hold the button to use, the battery has an 8-second timer to prevent overheating. It is recommended to start with the lowest voltage setting first and work your way up at your preference.