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treating plantar fasciitis with cbd

In most cases, plantar fasciitis is treated with physical therapy or shoe inserts. Certain basic plantar fasciitis physical therapy exercises can be performed from home, but others may require professional assistance. While orthopedic shoe inserts are commonly prescribed for plantar fasciitis, it’s possible that unreasonable shoe cushioning may be one of the root causes of this condition, calling into question the usefulness of shoe inserts for plantar fasciitis.

What are some common treatments for plantar fasciitis?

Some CBD users take a more direct route by smoking CBD flower or using CBD vape cartridges. While inhaling CBD doesn’t target your feet directly, this CBD ingestion method offers the highest bioavailability, and inhaling CBD provides immediate effects that rapidly progress throughout your entire body.

CBD and plantar fasciitis studies

Due to the lack of safe, reliable treatments for plantar fasciitis, many people have recently turned to natural alternatives like CBD. People around the world have used CBD for various types of painful conditions for more than a decade, and this non-intoxicating cannabinoid is gradually making its way into the mainstream of natural health.

Treating plantar fasciitis with cbd

If you search for a possible remedy to the foot pain you experience, you can try using CBD oils or other CBD products like CBD topicals. Even though CBD brands make a disclaimer that CBD does not intend to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition, CBD has been proven effective in easing foot pain symptoms.

Topical CBD also comes in different forms – lotions, creams, salves, and gels. Most people suffering from foot pain use CBD foot cream, while CBD lotion is often used for skin problems.

The CBD oil benefits all start with CBD interaction with our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Our endocannabinoid system consists of endogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids), human body receptors, and enzymes. The receptors are classified into two types – CB1 and CB2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As for lifestyle factors, improper walking or foot positioning and frequent wearing of high-heeled shoes may make you prone to develop plantar fasciitis. It is also often suggested not to wear worn-out shoes with thinner soles and arch support to avoid having this problem.

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CBD Capsules or Gummies

In any case, vaping is the quickest way to absorb CBD nutrients. When you use CBD through vaping, your body will be able to directly absorb almost all the components of any supplement, leading you to the quickest way of experiencing results.

As the CBD interacts with the system and these receptors, certain hormones of the body get activated. These interactions result in chronic pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and even mood improvement.