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tonic cbd

Tonic cbd

TONIC’s original combination of CBD + ashwagandha: powerful adaptogens that work to restore and maintain your ideal state of balance, while strengthening your defenses against physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Clean, high quality CBD vaporizer, infused with limonene and pinene terpenes to get you in the ZONE. Zone provides a fast-acting solution for calm, clarity and balance.


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Zone CBD Vape Pen KIT

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The Tonic, a female run CBD brand based in beautiful Hebden Bridge, born in 2017 of little more than a sincere belief in the unique qualities of CBD and a stubborn, unflinching and growing desire to help others. Kate Henderson and Michelle Oxley, the Tonic’s founders, are steadfast in their appreciation of what CBD is capable of and produce the best quality organic, genuinely full spectrum CBD out there. They deliver the most personal service with expert consultations conducted over the phone or in their Hebden Bridge shop (which we opened in April 2018, the first own-brand CBD shop in the country!).