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tommy chong throw out your cbd

Tommy chong throw out your cbd

Looking for something to mellow out the anxiety and racing thoughts each evening. Not looking for a high, actually looking to reduce some boozing.

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A bitter little fruit

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A bitter little fruit


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man of ice

Tommy chong throw out your cbd

He got some real exercise as a participant on “Dancing With the Stars,” but that didn’t exactly help his health.

This Agua Caliente Casino show won’t be a ‘70s throwback. Don’t expect Cheech and Chong to run around in circles, smelling each others’ butts like dogs in their classic sketch, “Ralph & Herbie.” They’ll do some of their rock parodies, such as “Born In East L.A.,” and a couple old routines, such as Pedro and the man in the car, which became a scene from “Up in Smoke.” But mostly, they’ll do a Q&A.

Still smokin’

They had been fighting for years, Chong said, which he found sad and “a little weird.

“One time, I was passing a joint to George Harrison and he handed it back to me and I went to pass it to the next guy,” Chong said, “and it was Wally from ‘Leave It To Beaver’: Tony Dow. I said, ‘I don’t know, Wally. Should you be smoking it? What would Ward say?’ And he gave me that look, ‘Shut the (bleep) up. I’ve heard that all my life.’”

But today, the guy who created the classic comedy routine, “Let’s Make A Dope Deal,” is making as much money from the booming marijuana business as he was from all of his Cheech and Chong movies, tours and comedy recordings of the 1970s and ‘80s.