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therapy tea cbd

Therapy tea cbd

Our cartridges contain no chemicals or artificial additives, just pure CBD oil featuring the terpenes that give CBD its distinctive flavor and aroma. Plus, with full spectrum oil, you’ll enjoy the enhanced benefits inherent to pairing CBD with other, non-psychoactive compounds like CBC, CBDV, CBG, and CBN.

You’ll also appreciate the versatility of CBD isolate powder, an odorless and tasteless substance that can easily be mixed into all kinds of recipes for ingestion. Our CBD isolate powder from hemp is 99% pure, so you always know you’re getting the premium products you expect.

Faster results are best achieved through inhalation, whereby compounds are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which is why smoking is such an effective way to partake of CBD products. When you’re in the market for smokable CBD, don’t hesitate to try the finest organic products from CBD Therapy. Smokable products are not suitable for customers under the age of 21.

For example, CBD Therapy is pleased to offer CBD-infused honey that can be eaten by the teaspoon for easy delivery, or added to your favorite beverages or smoothies, drizzled on your morning bowl of yogurt and fruit, or used in all kinds of deliciously creative ways.

THC-Free CBD Edibles

When you place a dose directly under your tongue, it takes about 60 seconds to absorb. After that, you should start to notice the effectiveness of the product. Some trial and error may be required to find your ideal dosage, and you can increase intake an hour after the first dose if needed.

Courtney is Texas grown but found the mountains of Colorado and fell in love. She started CBD Therapy because of her own personal experience and how it affected the loved ones around her. Courtney has always found joy in creating, and each recipe is specially made by her. She resides in Colorado with her husband, Shayan. In her free time, Courtney enjoys time outdoors with her dogs, Rip and Bee.

These THC-free and less than .3% products are paraben-free, they feature no added chemicals or dyes, and they come in different strengths to suit every customer. With just two ingredients – CBD isolate and organic hemp seed oil – you’ll enjoy the pure, natural cannabidiol products without a lot of extras you don’t want or need.

Smokable CBD Products

While many people enjoy the flavor and aroma of natural CBD products, there may be instances where you’d rather hide the flavor or partake in a discreet manner. THC-free cannabidiol edibles can help you to meet your goals for symptom relief while providing an unobtrusive means of partaking.

Whatever your reasons for lighting up, CBD Therapy is happy to supply the flavorful and potent flower and convenient pre-rolls you’re interested in. Our Farm Bill compliant CBD products are non-psychoactive and third-party tested to ensure safety and efficacy.

Therapy tea cbd

Inside the yellow envelope, there were lots of small packages.

Shipping 9/10

You can also get %20 off if you sign up for their newsletter, so if you are interested in buying, make sure to grab a discount first.

Effects 9/10

Since I had already tried a gram of Therapy Tea, I had high expectations of the smell and quality of the product. And let me tell you. I wasn’t disappointed one bit.