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the best cbd cream on amazon

The best cbd cream on amazon

Speaking of which, the section below covers the list of things that can make or break your experience with CBD cream.

These two names are often used interchangeably, but there’s a world of difference between a CBD cream and hemp cream — we’ll get to that in a moment.

Once again, keep in mind that CBD creams should explicitly state “CBD” or at least “full-spectrum hemp extract.”

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Buying CBD products online is anything but easy in this unregulated market, so it’s no wonder people are having questions about CBD creams that are being sold there.

Considering the way Amazon treats CBD products, why are there so many results popping up when you search for “CBD cream” there?

Labels Don’t Say “CBD”

CBDPure is one of the pioneer companies in the CBD space. However, unlike many veterans, this brand likes to keep things simple from the beginning. You won’t find a broad range of CBD products there; CBDPure offers only three CBD formats: oil, capsules, and cream.

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The best cbd cream on amazon

● Price : As we’ve listed out a few variations of prices above, these should give you a good acumen on what’s reasonable. Generally speaking, CBD is priced out by dosage, with other factors such as ingredient quality and sourcing playing a role as well. Outside of those items, the price you’re paying for CBD topicals will ultimately be the biggest deciding factor, especially if this is something you’re trying to buy periodically.

“Clean-Hands” Application: BATCH designed their Relief Balm in an easy to use twist up application. This allows customers to use one of the most potent and effective topicals on the market without getting messy or greasy hands. This also makes asking a friend for help a little less awkward.

● Thick Texture: Penguin’s CBD cream is versatile in its offering, enabling you to rub it anywhere you need relief.

BATCH CBD finds themselves high on our list with yet another stellar CBD product. Their CBD Relief Balms are often regarded as the best topical CBD solution for arthritis pain. BATCH offers this product in two unique blends – Fire and Ice Blend and Original Blend.

How To Use CBD Topicals

● All Natural Ingredients: Verma is known for including organic and natural ingredients in their products, with the Mahalo Muscle Relief and Tropical CBD lotion as no exception. Not only does this mean you can rest easy knowing that what you’re putting on your skin is safe but also has more benefits than most. Additionally, their added ingredients only aim to soothe, such as the menthol in their muscle relief. All-in-all, Verma holds it down with quality.

Getting into the science of CBD topicals, the Cannabinoid receptors that the body uses are CB1 and CB2. CB1 is usually associated with THC cannabis, as it’s what makes people ‘high’. On the flipside, CB2 is what CBD interacts with, which releases cannabinoids that are naturally found in the body. This reduces the inflammation, and thus, begins the healing process.

Penguin’s CBD cream is an overall knockout. Although we’ve listed as the best value, that doesn’t mean we cheapened our approach at all. Instead, this has become another product we’ll say is a standard amongst CBD creams, especially considering how versatile it is while also using all-natural ingredients. With an overall great reputation and foundation on its hands, Penguin is only looking up when it comes to delivering exceptional products for 2021.


● Low price tag compared to other options.

● Both products are affordable, natural, and easy to use.

Let's dive into our top product recommendations for the best CBD creams for pain. Continue on to learn more about using CBD lotions and balms and selecting the right product for you.

Strongest CBD Cream: Spruce Full-Spectrum Topical CBD Salve

Here are the most important considerations when comparing topicals like a CBD pain cream. We chose the brands on our list using these factors:

Best Cool Therapy: CBDistillery Cooling Cream

Plant People Soothe+ Balm topical is made with full-spectrum hemp extract that includes minor cannabinoids, including cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabigerol (CBG). This CBD balm is also organic, lab-tested, non-GMO, and gluten free. Customers report that it helps with aches and pains and that they love the scent.