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thc cbd boiling point

Thc cbd boiling point

Each cannabis consumption method has a different ideal temperature. The following guidelines can help you find the right temperature for consuming THC in the form of concentrates, flower, and edibles. If you’re primarily interested in CBD or other compounds, a different temperature might work better.

Use an electronic nail to calibrate temperatures precisely and accurately. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Bone provides a broad range and some scholars have narrowed it to between 315 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit, though different researchers have reached different conclusions. Since the science isn’t certain, you may want to try different temperatures and see what works best. One crucial factor in finding the right THC decarb temperature is your consumption method. Vaping, smoking, and making edibles each call for different temperatures.

“Cannabinoids and terpenes are particularly sensitive to heat ranges, and good concentration science is able to capture and preserve these compounds,” said Carlton Bone, Chief Information Officer of Medical Cannabis for Women’s Health.

How to consume THC at the right temperature

The boiling point of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, has been debated for decades. Here you’ll learn why cannabinoid boiling points matter and how to consume THC at the right temperature.

The heating process (called decarboxylation) causes the formation of new compounds to form, which produce varying flavors and effects.

“The consensus seems to be that the range for decarboxylation is between 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit,” Bone said.

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Some cannabis consumers may experiment with different THC boiling points depending on the type of high they want to experience. The general rule is that, within a certain range, the hotter the boiling point, the more potentially intense the THC high.

“Individual preference will always win the day, but there has been significant scientific work done into understanding the process of decarboxylation and how it affects cannabis,” said Bone.

Thc cbd boiling point

Wikipedia can be a great source of information, but don’t always trust it. When it comes to numerical values, like the boiling point of a compound, normally Wikipedia gets close enough because something so simple is easy to agree on, and all the primary sources will provide roughly the same value. But what if we’re dealing with a chemical that has been illegal under federal law since 1937?

“I have seen conflicting reports about the vaporization point of THC,” says Dale Gieringer, PhD. Specifically, the Wikipedia page for THC says the boiling point for THC is 315 °F, and cites this article called Cannabis and Cannabis Extracts: Greater than the Sum of Their Parts? by John M. McPartland and Ethan B. Russo as a source for that number. That article includes a table with the boiling points of seven cannabinoids and cites three different primary sources for those values.

On the one hand you might think the boiling point of THC is 315 °F, but other sources list a different value. Pubchem, an online database of chemical compounds lists the boiling point of THC as 392 °F at 0.02 mm of Hg (a low pressure). Pubchem cites the National Toxicology Program (NTP) as their source. Looking deeper, we see on page 13 of the NTP’s report on THC lists the boiling point as 200 °C, or 392 °F. There’s one catch to this number though, it’s listed as the boiling point of THC at 0.02 mm Hg, meaning 392 °F is the boiling point of THC under a pressure that’s almost a vacuum.