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thailand legalizes cbd

Thailand legalizes cbd

The scientific evidence shows that CBD reduces chronic pain by affecting endocannabinoid receptor interaction.

Being a part of the central nervous system, CB1 receptors play an active role in the regulation of coordination, movement, pain, appetite, memory, mood, and other functions. While CB2 receptors are part of the peripheral nervous system and are associated with pain and inflammation regulation.

While cannabidiol also is known as CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to address several health-related symptoms. Since CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant in the form of oil therefore, is also referred to as cannabis oil in Thailand.

How does cannabis oil interact with the body?

Components of ECS

Another CBD research stream exploring complex childhood epilepsy disorder investigated the effects of CBD on this disorder with drug-resistant seizures causing high mortality rates. The findings showed a reduction in the total number of convulsive seizures when cannabidiol was administered. Overall CBD proved more effective in controlling seizures than placebo.

In order to clearly understand the body CBD interaction, it is important to comprehend the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates important body functions such as sleep, mood, appetite, bowel movements, and more.

Since new countries are joining the list where medical cannabis is legal, the curious minds want to know what CBD is, how it is extracted, and how it interacts with the body. In Thailand where recent decriminalization of medical marijuana has sparked public interest in the properties of CBD oil. The answers to the above questions can help people understand better about cannabis oil allowing them to make informed consumption decisions.

Medical benefits of cannabis oil

The Thai government is aspiring to become a regional hub for medical cannabis. As well as, the officials are trying to attract more and more tourists to the country.

The growing awareness of the medicinal properties of cannabis oil has made it a buzzy wellness product. In countries where CBD is legalized to treat various health conditions cannabis the industry is flourishing. You may come across coffee shops selling CBD lattes, spas offering CBD massage, and cosmetics companies introducing CBD based wellness products.

Thailand legalizes cbd

Even though Thailand has some of the worlds harshest stances on drugs one may be surprised to learn that the countries stance towards CBD has changed and it is now legal and available for purchase.

Is it legal to buy CBD in Thailand online Yes

Due to the changes made by the Public Health Ministry, Thailand has become an importer of CBD oil it can be found for sale in natural health and alternative medicine stores.

Is it legal to grow hemp for CBD in Thailand? Yes

While many stores offer CBD online, it is technically illegal, as per an August 2018 statement from AECOSAN (The Spanish food and drug agency) clarifying that CBD oils being sold as health food online are illegal for consumption.