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test4 combo detection potency kit thc cbd

Test4 combo detection potency kit thc cbd

Understanding the important role of providing detection kits for our following of growers, dispensary owners, parents and many others; CB Scientific produces the cannabis detection kits everyone needs. An important intermediary between not knowing what’s in your product and sending your product to an actual lab. CB Scientific positions the detection kits to fill the niche that products like thin-layer chromatography and spectrometry couldn’t for the average user due to the advantage our kits have at price and even more in simplicity.

THC and CBD Combo Percentage Test Kit
The CB Scientific THC and CBD test kit will allow you to identify the presence of both THC/THCa and CBD in most cannabis products.
Works with:
Cannabis buds
Extracts and Oils
Each detection kit contains six individual tests. You receive three THC detections and three CBD detections

Test4 combo detection potency kit thc cbd

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Our goal was to compare the results we obtained from the home testing options for THC and CBD potency, with the lab results provided by PharmLabs, to see if they were consistent. All the manufacturers suggest running multiple tests on several samples from a batch and determining averages for the most precise results.

Many variables, such as dryness of the sample and precise measurements, must be accounted for. After a few attempts with inconsistent results, we were able to perform tests with both kits that matched, within one percentage point, the numbers obtained by PharmLabs.