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teewinot cbd

In addition, Teewinot has developed biocatalytic processes using the CannSynthesis ® technology platform to produce the acid and varin forms of rare cannabinoids. These forms have varying physical and chemical properties, and pharmacological attributes that make them uniquely suited to specific therapeutic uses across a wide range of medical needs, and optimal for different types of drug formulation and delivery modalities. CannSynthesis ® can produce the acid and varin forms of THC, CBD, CBN, CBL, CBG and CBC.

“CBN has several known health benefits and is a key ingredient in a growing range of consumer products,” said Mike Luther, Chief Executive Officer of Teewinot. “We believe we are in the right place at the right time with a unique manufacturing technology that can meet rapidly-growing demand.”

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Teewinot Life Sciences Corporation (“Teewinot” or the “Company”), a global leader in the biosynthetic production of cGMP cannabinoids and cannabinoid analogs as new chemical entities, today announced the availability of high purity (>98%) CBN (cannabinol) in kilogram quantities produced using its CannSynthesis ® chemical synthesis process. With this announcement, Teewinot has become the first company capable of manufacturing cannabinol using chemical synthesis at commercial scale for individual purchase or under supply agreements.

Teewinot Life Sciences, a cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical startup, approached us for help with building their investor deck. They had the rough content but it needed our marketing design talent to get it investor-ready. Through the use of effective presentation infographics, consistent design elements, and a color palette in line with their branding, we were able to bring their message to life and help them raise the startup capital they needed.

Teewinot cbd

Formed in January 2021, The Parent Company is California’s leading vertically integrated cannabis company. The company’s three manufacturing facilities guarantee unparalleled access to high-quality, low-cost cannabis, while its vast wholesale distribution network of more than 450 California dispensaries, an unrivaled direct-to-consumer omnichannel platform, three consumer delivery hubs and five omni-channel retail locations, currently service approximately 70% of the largest legal cannabis market in the country. The Company’s curated product portfolio includes eight of the most valuable and scalable brands in cannabis, including Monogram by Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter, Caliva, Deli, Fun Uncle, and Mirayo, which sets the tone for The Parent Company’s industry leadership in California and beyond.

From the founders of CannaKids, CKSoul is a California based health and wellness brand with a focus on supplying premium, safe and expertly prepared whole-plant cannabis oil tinctures and related products, blended with all-natural terpenes. The company closely monitors research and patient studies and follows a science-backed path in applying scientifically-accepted finding in future product development to unlock the truth behind cannabinoid therapy.

Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions is the leading medical cannabis wholesaler in Connecticut and holds one of four cannabis producer licenses awarded by the State’s Department of Consumer Protection. The Company’s unique positioning is further augmented by its diversified portfolio of pharmaceutical-quality products.

Willow Biosciences is a Calgary, Canada-based biotechnology company focused on developing high-value intellectual properties on a yeast-based cannabinoid biosynthesis platform. Willow has applied its integrated suite of technologies to develop manufacturing processes for numerous active pharmaceutical ingredients with various therapeutic benefits, including cancer treatment, pain management, and CNS disorders. In the cannabinoid field, Willow owns proprietary yeast-based lab strains that produce cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabigerol (CBG), as well as minor and novel cannabinoids. Willow (CSE: WLLW) is publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange.


Hana Meds is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona and currently holds and operates two vertically integrated medical cannabis licenses in the state. The Company’s operating infrastructure includes a large-scale commercial greenhouse platform strategically positioned at 4,000 feet of elevation that produces year-round growth, an indoor cultivation, production and distribution facility at a prime location in the Metro Phoenix area, and two retail dispensaries. Hana Meds’ facilities are strategically positioned within the state to serve as hubs for manufacturing and distribution of a multifaceted portfolio of branded cannabis products.

Kiva Brands is a California-based Company that develops, manufactures, and distributes premium cannabis products. The Company operates a house of infused edibles brands, selling gummies under the Camino and Lost Farm brands, chocolates under the Kiva and Terra brands, and mints under the Petra brand. As a market leader in California and five additional state markets, Kiva is focused on continuing to serve its customers with high quality, innovative products that continue to broaden the appeal of infused edibles in the cannabis industry.

In November 2018, Slang Worldwide and former Tuatara portfolio company Organa Brands finalized a strategic transaction in which Slang acquired Organa Brands, a leading distributor of branded cannabis oil products. The acquisition established Slang Worldwide as a leading global cannabis consumer packaged goods company with a robust portfolio of renowned brands distributed across 2,600 stores in 11 states in the US. Slang Worldwide is focused on acquiring and developing market-proven regional brands as well as creating new brands to meet the needs of cannabis consumers worldwide. Slang Worldwide is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol SLNG and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the trading symbol 84S.


Enlighten Technologies is a leading digital-out-of-home media and retail technology company dedicated to the cannabis industry. The Company’s rapidly growing network currently spans over 800 dispensary accounts, the growth of which has been driven by a virtuous cycle of customer engagement, satisfaction, education, increased dispensary revenue, and increased brand awareness and sales for brands & advertisers.

We seek to build a portfolio of businesses that is diversified yet tied together with exceptional people, of the highest integrity, who have a strong desire to be trailblazing innovators. Tuatara’s portfolio companies are market leaders that can adeptly navigate rapidly evolving regulatory frameworks whose practices will help instill excellence in the industry.