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sushi cbd

Sushi cbd

Treat your dog to a fancy date night with our Sushi Chews! Our Sushi Edibites are CBD-infused and may support your dog’s overall wellness as a daily health supplement.

Product Features:

3.08 mg Organic full spectrum hemp extract
(Contains 2 mg of CBD and naturally occurring terpenes and flavonoids).

Your pet will love this!

The Barking Dog Collection inspired by artist, Keith Haring is a reminder that every pet’s life is a work of art! His iconic imagery of dogs and cats throughout his artwork is a tribute to the love we share with our pets, which is why every soft chew is stamped with his “barking dog” artwork. To showcase Keith Haring’s love for New York City, we’ve developed two flavors of Edibites that represent the diverse cultures and food scenes throughout Manhattan, Pizza and Sushi.

Had their dinner special. Reasonably priced with Teriyaki meat of choice, rice, miso, salad and 6pcs dumplings for $23 (Oct 2019). Generous portion but taste wise was a bit too sweet to my liking.

Seafood Ramen ($18 worth the price and taste) – Requested the chef to make medium spicy. Amazing taste and generous amount of seafood in every bite. Needed to spend decent amount of time chewing, talking with friends, appreciating and enjoying the seafood. Will do visit again next time. Thanks.

The staff are so polite and friendly, and the food is really good. Also tried stir fry vegetarian noodles it was really delicious. Definitely recommend.