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super sonic cbd

What are their properties?

Mastering these two technologies allow us to apply them independently to most of the active ingredients found in nature and supercharge their therapeutical effect.

Nano delivery systems are regarded as the most effective and versatile carriers for therapeutic drugs (Food supplements, cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals…), as they can transport molecules rapidly and efficiently via various mechanisms.

Super sonic cbd

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About this strain

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Quantum Kush effects

This tall-growing sativa has fairly dense, olive green buds speckled with flecks of rusty red and a lush coating of frosty trichomes. Don’t be fooled by its name, as unlike most Kush breeds (which are indicas), this one is most definitely a sativa-dominant cultivar. Quantum Kush has a classic, yet complex earthy, sweet aroma that’s pleasantly pungent, along with a sumptuous tropical taste.