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sunshine global health cbd

Sunshine global health cbd

Sunshine Global Health Cannabinoid

STEP 1: Cultivation: Selection of strategic geographic regions to ensure optimal soil conditions and sunlight utilizing proper herbal farming methods including seed selection, land preparation and nutrient management.

Health through Natural Healing with Premium Hemp Cannabinoid Rich Blends

STEP 3: Extraction: A super critical CO2 extraction is used with optimum water temperature and soaking to produce the smoothest, cleanest hempoil extracts for maximum quality, purity and potency

Superior 3-Step Process

extracts are available in the following strengths:

Sunshine global health cbd

Our state-of-the-art laborartory, Supercritical Cold Fluid Nanoemulsification Co2 Extraction Retrax Water Extraction method, is the best at extracting the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. Our laboratory utilizes standardizing and consistant procedures and practices to ensure quality results.

Sunshine Global Health key trademarked products Cavinol®, Kranol® and Teracel® are are highly researched, 100% legal and produced to provide the strongest, most effective, pure cannabinoid extracted blends.


Sunshine Global Health is proud to introduce the Sunshine Club! This exclusive club will offer permanent discounts, quarterly product discounts and free samples to all who qualify. “Get Healthy – Not HIGH!” There is no cost to join the Sunshine Club. Call 1-800-334-1236 for more information.


We are conducting worldwide clinical studies through our Sunshine Global Health Wellness Institute. These studies are ongoing throughout the United States, Central America, South America, and soon to be Europe. All our products are being utilized in our clinical trials with positive results.