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sunday scaries cbd gummies

Sunday scaries cbd gummies

Let’s start with the basics: What is CBD? Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabis compound that has significant health and wellness benefits without any of the psychoactive or euphoric properties often associated with marijuana.

By this point, you’ve probably tried CBD in some capacity, or at least seen this wellness and self-care trend popping up on restaurant and cocktail menus, in smoothie bars, luxe high-end edibles, or even in certain beauty products.

At $29 per bottle (each bottle contains 20 gummies), you really have nothing to lose.

So, when my Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies arrived (in its super fun and sleek packaging), I did what I always do when testing a new product: Examined the ingredient list. I saw that the main ingredients were 100% industrial hemp (CBD) oil, vitamin B-12 (a vitamin essential to bodily energy production), and vitamin D-3 (a vitamin often called “the sunshine vitamin”). The recommended dosage is two to three gummies daily as needed, with each gummy bear containing 10 milligrams of CBD.

The flavor is slightly fruity, sweet, and tastes just like regular gummy bears — no weird hemp smell or taste. Translation: No one will know that your gummy bears are special!

Why You Want It: Though still waiting on FDA approval, CBD has garnered an immense word-of-mouth following, showing potential to ease anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and other ailments. Made with pure hemp-based CBD, these Sunday Scaries are perfect if you want the calming effects of marijuana without the paranoia that often comes with THC. The gummies are also made with vitamins and coconut oil, making for a tasty treat that actually sports some nutritional value to boot.

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The Deal: Assuming you’ve consulted your doctor about CBD use and it’s legal in your state, you should take a look at what the Inverse Shop is currently running these for—25% off the $39.99 MSRP gets you 20 gummies (about 10 daily doses) at just $29.99 out the door.

Enjoy the Potential Benefits of CBD—Plus a Tasty Treat—With Vitamin-Packed Gummies from a Leading Brand