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sugar hi cbd edibles

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Sugar hi cbd edibles

I took 2 gummies because that is what it said was the serving size. and also I had read that CBD wasn't psycho active, so I wasn't particularly thinking I would have an issue taking the serving size.

Hey guys. I purchased some CBD gummies by the name of Sugar Hi CBD Edibles. The package states that 2 gummies are equivalent to 10mg of CBD. I wanted to try CBD for severe anxiety, and to see if maybe it could help with muscle twitching/tremors. I got these from the local headshop here. I took 2 gummies, and about an hour later, after forgetting I Took them, I started to notice I was more or less feeling "stoned". THC itself is often over whelming, and increases my anxiety, so this is NOT what I was looking for. I had to lay down, and for about 6 hours felt like my body was super buzzed, and didn't want to get off the couch. I was supposed to take my son to see a movie , and was afraid to drive based on how I felt. This definitely doesn't seem normal to me, and I'm asking here – could this have been from the CBD, or could the product have been laced with synthetic thc of some sort? Thanks guys

Sounds like you got unlucky with a synthetic laced product. Really getting sick of how regularly people are getting sick from scummy "CBD" sellers. If people want to knowingly put that shit into their body, then so be it, but lacing products that are labelled as something else is literally poisoning customer and should incite jail time.

Thanks HempDirect, I didn't think so. Keep in my mind I'm in my 30s, and Ive experimenting with everything under the sun, so when I got blasted off of 2 gummies, it definitely scared me, because I"ve read up a LOT on CBD, and it was the last thing I expected. Unfortunately for me, I'm one of the people who wasn't looking for a high, and wanted to actually experiment with CBD for medical reasons. I realize now in hindsight that purchasing CBD gummies at a headshop should have been a red flag, but I actually went to the headshop to buy a christmas gift for someone, and at the spur of the moment grabbed the gummies to see if they could help me.

I just bought these, took one when dosage says one or two (packaging is deceptive). and am feeling really "slow". I was absolutely not looking for a high, trying to avoid that. I did notice the 20G in big letters right under CBD – but when looking at the label, 20G is listed under WEIGHT. Label says Serving size: 2 pieces, Servings per container: 6. Wouldn't that equal 12?? There are FIVE pieces in the bag, and according to reviews that is normal. Misleading to say the least, and also makes me wonder if a half of a gummy would really be considered one serving, and a whole one two servings. Label says 10mg CBD per serving. Under the FDA disclaimer, it states "consumer may have variable potent, psychological effects." These are my first edibles – is that on all of them?? They are made by Stash, and they do have a website claiming to be the real thing (not synthetic).

The package on the front says "Sugar Hi CBD Edibles. What-A-Melon Bites. Max Strength. 100% CBD Infused. 20G" Yes, 20G, not 20mg, maybe this is a typo?

Unless you are having a reaction (which i doubt) to one of the ingredients to make the gummy, it sounds like you may have gotten some with synthetic's. There is a lot of that going around unfortunately. Reports of it in Utah just recently, and this sub is full of negative reports. And its a double edged-sword in that the companies using the synthetics are aware there is a big enough segment of the population ACTUALLY looking for a "legal" high so to speak so they don't fail a drug test. This is dangerous, and shady.

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