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strawberry diesel cbd

Strawberry diesel cbd

Everybody loves strawberries . Great for those who like a bit of sweet with subtle herbal notes.

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Strawberry Diesel CBD E-Liquid | 1-6%

Manufactured in pharmaceutical grade facilities

GMP certified US-grown CBD

Natural terpenes and flavours

With the vast choice of CBD E-liquids available to the consumer at the moment, it can sometimes be hard to choose and make your mind up regarding what might be best for you. So let us try and make that choice for you. In a largely unregulated CBD industry, there are many companies and brands that are producing products using inadequate ingredients, production methods or false labelling.

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CBD for Anxiety is searched almost more frequently than any other term relating to CBD. However none of our products are designed to treat or cure any illnesses or ailments. We strongly suggest you seek medical advice if you are struggling with something

300mg – 300mg (3%) is a good middle ground, we would also recommend this for beginners too as it is a decent strength without being overpowering, however this liquid is also good for regular users of CBD Vape juices. While still being very affordable ultimately it is going to have a greater effect than a 100mg CBD Liquid. Easy to puff frequently throughout the day and helps with general wellbeing & lifestyle

Strawberries & Summer go hand in hand. This is one of our sweeter flavours and amongst our most popular flavours. The natural cannabis terpenes added to this product give it that very slight cannabis taste and combine with the CBD Isolate, and natural flavours for a very tasty and more effective product!