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sterling cbd

Sterling cbd

500mg, 750mg, or 1500mg of CBD

You can find all the traditional staples of a diverse CBD brand at Stirling, including topical, ingestible, and sublingual application styles (as well as something for pets).


After coming across one of the more unique flavor options on the CBD market, I had to try Stirling CBD oil for myself. I immediately fell in love with the taste of the lemon lime flavored tincture, but their cool and refreshing peppermint option was also pleasant and went down smooth. Plus, these CBD oils contain all-natural ingredients, meaning they are 100% free of artificial flavorings.

Stirling notes that all of their products and CBD extracts are thoroughly tested by independent third party labs. We met with the brand and saw all of their most recent lab test results for each product, all of which contained THC-free isolated CBD, and matched the labeled CBD potency. These lab test results can also be found on the company’s website in the photos for each product.


Stirling offers 2 topical formulas, a natural lotion and a menthol option for more powerful soothing relief.

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