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standard oil extracts cbd

If you buy CBD products from others, you must ensure these products are correctly authorised, and that you only use them in ways described in the authorisation.

Businesses need to submit novel food authorisation applications by 31 March 2021.

Novel food application guidance

This is the only route to compliance for these CBD products, and no separate arrangement has been made with any specific business or industry sector. In most cases the applicant will be the manufacturer, but others such as trade bodies and other suppliers may also apply. The specific novel CBD products you sell must be included within an application and they must be made the same way as detailed in the application.

Deadline for businesses to submit CBD applications to continue to sell existing products

Hemp and related products, such as cold-pressed oils, are not novel because there is evidence to show a history of consumption before May 1997. This is not the case for CBD extracts.

Standard oil extracts cbd

The GOLD CBD Oil is a highly refined version of the RAW extract. It is a more pure substance which also contains a higher percentage of CBD. The Decarboxylated oil is useful for those who are interested in delivering the extract in edible or sublingual form.

RAW First Extract Standard Hemp CBD Oil Paste Decarboxylated – CBD (10-20% CBD*)

Standard Hemp has developed dissolving CBD breath strips, available in 3 flavors and in cassettes of 20 strips of 5mg each. You can even choose to brand your own if you meet with the minimum order requirements. This is one of the most discrete and “novel products” that has been introduced to the CBD market so far.

E-FLUID Refined Amber Vape Cartridge CBD Fluid – 5-100mg/cartridge

Standard Hemp uses only Organically Grown Certified European & Domestically Sourced Certified Hemp as our extraction medium. And this is where all those fields of Hemp started from.