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spoonful cbd

Lipid nanocapsules are drug-loaded nanoparticles that have become popular in cancer treatment for delivering chemotherapy drugs into patients’ bloodstreams. They have no problem reaching most organs in the human body, but the blood-brain barrier leaves the brain off-limits, making it difficult to treat brain tumors or multiple sclerosis.

In the mice, they observed that when the lipid nanocapsules were decorated with CBD, 2.5 times more of them reached the mice’s brains than when nanocapsules were injected by themselves. This improvement indicates that they’re onto something.

The researchers report that this technique is six times more effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier than G-Technology, a similar type of nanoparticle delivery system designed to evade the blood-brain barrier that is currently undergoing clinical trials.

In a paper published March 13, scientists demonstrated that attaching drug-carrying nanocapsules to CBD — that is, cannabidiol, the minimally psychoactive chemical found in cannabis and hemp — allowed them to slip them past the blood-brain barrier.

In a modern twist on Mary Poppins, scientists have found that just a spoonful of CBD helps the medicine go up — into the brain. A huge barrier for doctors who want to deliver drugs to the human brain is quite literally a physical obstacle: The blood-brain barrier, which primarily functions to protect the brain. It’s very good at its job, preventing most molecules in the bloodstream from getting to our brains — life-saving drugs included — but recent research in Molecular Pharmaceutics suggests that CBD could sneak past the body’s natural defense systems.

Spoonful cbd

Wake up and chill out.

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I thought about making a yogurt cup, but then went for that cherry-spinach smoothie again. For dinner, I reheated my lentil soup, and—having run out of coconut milk—simply drizzled the gold-label CBD oil over the top of my soup as a garnish. It worked just as well, although the flavor of the oil was a little more pronounced than it had been when first incorporated with the coconut milk.

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Day 4

I whisked the oil into scrambled eggs, which I like to make with a dollop of Greek yogurt, and cooked the eggs in butter. I was nervous that I would have a repeat of Day 1, but whisking the oil into the eggs first (and using the filtered oil instead of the raw one) seemed to temper any volatile aromas. The eggs tasted okay. I would say that I prefer my scrambled eggs without CBD oil, but it works if you want to try it.

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The Other Weed You Should Be Eating

Not to be confused with non-CBD hemp oil—which is also used by as a health aid, usually as a protein supplement—CBD oil is typically extracted from the leaves, stem, and flowers of the hemp plant, while hemp oil is extracted from the seeds. The bottom line: hemp-derived CBD oil is THC-free, legal to buy in all 50 states, and easily accessed online.

Immediately after getting up from my dining table, I felt a dizzying rush followed by a wash of inertness. Translation: I felt high—but only very briefly (maybe for 3 or 5 minutes) and the feeling dissipated as quickly as it came on. (I should stress that there is no THC in any of these products, so this doesn't make any sense. But it happened to me, so it's worth noting. FWIW, I didn't experience that sensation again at any time during the week.)

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