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smoked honey cbd

MADE WITH: wild, raw, better-than-organic Flagstaff wildflower honey (from bees allowed to forage on wildflowers in and around the Flagstaff, AZ region); organic coconut oil; organic Turmeric Root; organic Ashwaganda Root; organic Ginger Root; organic true sweet Cinnamon; organic White Pepper; full-spectrum CBD oil

Harnessing the magic of wild, raw, better-than-organic honey, hemp-derived CBD, Turmeric Root, Ashwagandha, Ginger, & Cinnamon, our Golden Goddess CBD Honey is handcrafted with the highest nourishing intentions!

-Golden Goddess CBD Honey is available in:

-Add a serving (1 serving = 1 teaspoon) to your favorite herbal tea, smoothies, shakes, yogurt, granola, toast, or just take it straight from the spoon.

Smoked honey cbd

This weekend I was introduced to a really nice guy. A chemist that got a licence to make CBD products. He brought with him vials with 50% CBD oil and 70% CBD honey. So we were smoking honey dipped joints through-out the night and my perception of weed changed during those moments. The smoke was really tasty, silky smooth with creamy texture. The high was mindblowing. I would be paralyzed if I smoked so many joints normally, but I could just go on and on. I was on a really positive vibe, felt really clear-minded, almost like sober, but only so much better and my body was relaxed.

This awesome guy said, he cannot even imagine smoking joints without the oil anymore and that comes to me as no surprise. I only wish weed would finally become legal, so we could all just enjoy this feeling any time.