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shophq cbd

ShooHQ had a show dedicated to CBD topical lotions and creams last night.

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My doctors all tell me that since it is unregulated you can not be sure what it may be mixed with. Is there acetaminophen in there that helps with your pain? Remember vitamin E was considered a safe supplement until it was added to vaping products. There is no reliable dosing info and can you really trust their supposed lab testing for purity? I did try it for a period of time but due to all the unknowns will wait for real clinical trials and regulation.


The only thing it has been proven to help is seizures. There are ingredients in these products which can be dangerous. I’m allergic to hemp, and I think it’s a blessing in disguise. Most health professionals label CBD products as snake oil.
But, if it helps, and a less toxic formula is available, then good for you, to each their own.

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