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shavasana cbd

What can I say, If your like me and don’t always take the best care of your body this stuff is a great place to start. Im a carpenter and I get painful knees and hands from time to time. I rub a bit of the CBD balm on before bed and it relaxes and soothes and takes the pain away. An essential item for me now and I would recommend it to anyone for use anywhere on the body. Thanks

This stuff is the nuts, had dramatically eased the pain of a past shoulder injury from MMA and helped with my lower back issues can not recommend the muscle rub enough

I absolutely love this stuff – I have a very physical job and this rub really soothes the aches and pains – I love massaging it into my forearms after a day of heavy lifting. It smells wonderful too!

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Using a topical CBD product is the most non-invasive way to use CBD therapeutically. Topical balms are useful for conditions that are within one inch of the surface of the skin, they do not penetrate to deeper areas or enter the bloodstream.

Our original balm has been designed to relieve and sooth aches and pains in muscles and joints. Made with our own infused comfrey oil & essential oils that work together with the CBD creating an anti-inflammatory power house.


James Cook (verified owner) – May 26, 2020

Owen – April 10, 2020

Shavasana cbd

Pitta – People that are pitta predominant or experiencing a pitta imbalance can practice Savasana daily and anywhere from 15-25 minutes is suggested by Ayurvedic scholar, Dr. David Frawley . This posture helps to soothe and cool the fiery aspects of pitta dosha and restore a sense of calm and center in the body and mind. Using an eye pillow during Savasana is wonderful to balance pitta dosha as it helps to quiet the mind. Focus on letting go into stillness.

From the Ayurvedic lens, this posture is necessary for balancing all three doshas; however, there are different ways to practice the asana which will make it more beneficial for each dosha.

Savasana , also known as Corpse Pose, is for many, the best part of any Yoga practice and it is actually the most important asana (posture). It gives the body and mind time to rest, recover and assimilate after the physical Yoga is complete and it can elevate our consciousness. Although Savasana looks like naptime, the posture actually asks us to be completely relaxed yet still completely aware. When practiced correctly, corpse pose brings us into a meditative state. Let’s look at some of the various benefits of this posture:

Vata – People that are vata predominant or experiencing a vata imbalance can practice Savasana daily and anywhere from 20-30 minutes is ideal according to Ayurvedic scholar, Dr. David Frawley . Spending a longer amount of time in savasana will help stabilize light, cold and mobile vata dosha and this in turn will calm the nervous system and dispel insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and fear. For extra grounding energy in Savasana, we suggest covering yourself with a blanket, using an eye pillow and even placing a Yoga sandbag across the pelvis (if you have one handy). Focus on relaxing into stillness.

Kapha – People that are kapha predominant or experiencing a kapha imbalance can practice Savasana daily and anywhere from 5-15 minutes is recommended by Ayurvedic scholar, Dr. David Frawley . This posture can actually uplift the heavy, melancholy energy associated with kapha because it brings the practitioner into a state of body and mind awareness. We highly encourage that Savasana is preceded by a kapha balancing Yoga practice to benefit kapha dosha even further. Focus on releasing and relaxing.

Shavasana cbd

By switching to CBD after a difficult class, you can recover faster by fighting inflammation with CBD, reducing pain and relieving tightness in your muscles. (Pro tip: Try adding a CBD bath bomb or salt to your hot tub and you’ll feel better in no time.) Plus, CBD can help you sleep better at night after yoga, which is crucial for muscle recovery. Then you will be ready for the next yoga training in a few days.

Savasana is a pose of total relaxation (afb.)

Whether you are one of the extremely flexible yogis who practices yoga on a daily basis, or someone who just does some vinyasa every now and then, you may be ready to take your yoga practice to the next level. That’s where CBD comes in handy.

In addition to preparing your mind for yoga, CBD can also benefit your body. If you come to your mat with residual tightness or tension from a previous exercise or workout, CBD can help you loosen up faster. It can also help relieve stiffness from your spine, upper back, and shoulders so that you can flex and move comfortably.

CBD can help get rid of aches and pains

While it is natural for some to enter a meditative state, others have great difficulty in sitting still. Since meditation is an important part of any yoga practice, CBD can help slow down the thoughts in your head so that you can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. If you experience anxiety, absence, or depression, CBD can be of benefit to you too.

Sometimes it can take 30 minutes or more before you feel focused enough to enjoy the yoga class. That time can be crucial for a lesson of one hour. CBD can help prepare your mind for yoga. This also means that you empty your head and let go of stress, so that you can flow faster and end up in the right flow. Once you are in class, you also feel more focused, so you can keep going until the final “dog sequence”.

Yoga can be a relaxing way to exercise, but it is often hard work too. An hour of vinyasa flow can include push-ups, planks, and other muscle-strengthening moves.

CBD can help you find your Shavasana

As it turns out, CBD and yoga can be a harmonious combination. From putting you in the right mindset for practice and meditation to helping your sore muscles heal through too many yogi pushups, this is why CBD can be your new trusted go-to.

The Savasana is a pose of total relaxation, making it one of the most challenging poses in yoga.