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shark shock cbd grow

Shark shock cbd grow

Indoors, it grows an almost grey layer of resin over every inch of the plant. It has long, balanced buds, perfectly spread out all over the plant from the bottom to top. Shark Shock CBD has strong branches and stems, easily capable of dealing with the weight of the buds. You can get 500 g with around 11 plants per square meter in just 60 flowering days.

Shark Shock CBD by Dinafem is a sweet plant with a lot of medicinal properties due to its high CBD content. A big part of its genes is a legendary White from the 90s. Both recreational and therapeutic users will absolutely love this plant.

Shark Shock CBD by Dinafem is a strain with high CBD levels that can be used to calm aches and pains, treat insomnia and sometimes reduce swelling.

Shark Shock CBD Indoor Growing

Outdoors you shouldn’t really harvest in humid areas or places where it tends to rain, as this strain really does do well with fungi and can rot quite easily. If you plant them in April, you’ll end up with an absolute monster of a plant towards mid-September, harvesting up to 1 kg per plant.

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Shark Shock CBD Outdoor Growing

It has a 100% medicinal effect with calm, long-lasting effects accompanied with a bittersweet, smooth flavor as well as a delicious thick blanket of resin. Its high CBD level (1:1 ratio) makes it perfect medicinally. Perfect to smoke it with the Mighty Vaporizer.

Shark shock cbd grow

Its thick white resin gives the finishing touch to this gene, making their buds a fine sight, which tops of this marijuana, a plant that more than meets the expectations of any consumer looking for quality and with an interest in the effects of cannabinoid CBD .

The Shark Shock CBD strain from Dinafem has a predominance of Indica cannabis , the result from a crossing obtained by mixing a female Shark Shock with a selected male from CBD Crew, the collaborating team that are working with the intention to get a genetic with a medical effect but with the best traits of a quality marijuana.

We are going to get a plant that grows and develops with great vigour, taking on a low-medium height with a compact structure that makes it suitable for small spaces. Its many branches form close together, ensuring that you will get a good harvest, reaching yields of 500g/m2 and taking just 55 days to mature.

It comes from the lineage White , who received many awards in the ’90s, and it has always had interesting levels of CBD, which provides some interesting medicinal effects, but without departing from both the traditional concept of marijuana.

Shark Shock CBD is a strain of marijuana that seeks to enrich Shark Shock, creating a powerful medicinal Indica, but with some psychoactive, and maintaining its aromatic characteristics.

Very easy to grow and needing minimal care and providing the climate is dry and mild it will allow novice and expert growers to get maximum benefit and quality.

As for its aroma and flavour, it will be intense and bittersweet, with shades reminiscent of garlic, and a powerful, physical and narcotic effect, calming mental activity. Perfect for relaxing at the end of the day, it is useful for counteracting anorexia, insomnia, muscle aches and depression (according to Dinafem and bank seeds CBD Crew).