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sensi chew cbd review

Sensi chew cbd review

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Sensi Signature Products are the manufacturs of Sensi Chews and Sensi Caps. We care about good health. We are passionate about developing products that help people live healthy lives. We use our backgrounds in technology, science, health and wellness, and product development combined with research, testing, and patient feedback to produce cannabis products that are safe, consistent, and proven. Watch for new and exciting products coming to a collective near you!

Sensi Chews are a family of medicated edibles with the taste and texture of a gourmet tootsie roll. Our chews are designed to address time-of-day use. For Daytime: Sensi Chew Sativa and Sensi Chew Energy (with natural ginseng). For Nighttime: Sensi Chew Indica and Sense Chew Insomnia (with melatonin), Sensi Chew Insomnia Plus (CBD with melatonin). For Anytime: Sensi Chew Hybrid,Sensi Chew CBD Gold 1:1, Sensi Chew CBD Platinum, and Sensi Chew Amorè (with aphrodisiac, Tongkat Ali). We're the only edibles company infusing with targeted ingredients to help people feel good and address specific conditions.

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Sensi chew cbd review

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Sensi Caps provide the medicinal benefits of CBD without any of the sugar, flavor, or texture of edibles. Sensi Caps are great for people who are strictly seeking pain relief or a sleep aid in a simple capsule form.

What’s great about Sensi Chew is that they have a product for practically any situation that calls for the medicating pleasures of a blissful edible high. All Sensi Chews are fast acting THC and CBD edibles.

Sensi Chew CBD Platinum is a 100mg CBD chocolate caramel edible for pain that is infused with CBD to help fight pain and anxiety. These small but resilient chews are travel friendly CBD edibles that do not melt.

Sensi Gummies

Sensi Chew Indica is a 100mg Indica THC chocolate caramel edible infused with Indica THC to help relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep. These small but powerful chews are low calorie THC edibles, are travel friendly edibles, and do not melt.

The Puck is a hefty gummy for the high-tolerance cannabis enthusiast. Each puck contains 100mg of THC. Tread lightly with this one.

Unfortunately, yes, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level despite widespread support for legalization.


By listening to their consumer testimonials along with the latest information from medical institutions, scientists and research, they create focused case studies on specific ailments to help educate and inform.

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