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select cbd focus review

Select cbd focus review

The Lemon and Grapefruit have a tasty citrus flavor that I like. Overall, the flavors are surprisingly good for a disposable pen. However, I find the pen lacks the indication when you need to replace it, aside from having a slight burning taste in the vapor.

The draw resistance is low and I had no trouble inhaling the vapor. The vapor it produces is flavorful and I enjoyed it. The Spearmint and Peppermint flavor produce strong minty vapor that is refreshing. I find the lavender taste pleasant and it helped me to fall asleep quickly.

The vape pens are also tamper-resistant and airtight so you don’t need to worry about any leakage. The cartridge that holds the Select CBD vape oil contains .5ml of vape liquid with 250 mg of CBD. The vape pens are split into three groups:

The Social (aka Select) CBD is a disposable, cylindrical-shaped vape that has a smooth teal coating that looks good. It’s easy to use and inhaling from it is pretty smooth. These disposable pens use a ‘ceramic core technology’ which helps with preserving the oils by keeping the temperature regulated and even during use.

Purity & Performance

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the pens contain 250 mg of CBD which can last up to 125-150 puffs. I assume each puff delivers 1-2 mg of CBD which is good for beginners. For me, it took 10 hits and 15 minutes to feel the CBD. The effects probably last 2-4 hours before I needed another session.

All of the six flavors include hemp-derived CBD extracts, natural essences, and MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil). MCT oil is used as the thinning agent which is a preferable alternative than propylene glycol (PG).

Overall, Social CBD certainly functions well and provides great vapor for its price. I would happily recommend this to vapers who are looking for disposable vape pens. However, in my opinion, there’s a better way to consume hemp oil- buying 510 carts with the included battery.
This is much more cost-effective since you can recharge and use the battery again to any 510-threaded carts. It also has a wider variety of brands & flavors compared to the limited selection of flavors from Social CBD. If you’re looking for a good recommendation, I suggest you try and check Dr Dabber CBD (Review | Buy) or Bloom Farms CBD (Review | Buy).

Bottom Line

Select cbd focus review

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Watch as I Test and Review Select CBD Pens

Select has a Quality Control Group that hand-inspects and reviews each Select CBD pen for any cracks, leaks, and tanks if they weren’t fully filled.

Select CBD Pen Review Experience

All 6 Select CBD pens by are derived from organically grown hemp plants.

Select cbd focus review

Even Marta, who has another balm she adores, loves this one too. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who can apply this, you will almost immediate feel some relief in your muscles. Then, over the course of about 15 minutes, you will feel even looser as muscle tension and soreness dissipates. Bonus: it smells wonderful.

With Select CBD you can return products “No Questions Asked” if needed, and the process is generally effective. If you want a refund, you have to return it within 30 days, unopened, and in good condition. You also have to pay to ship it back.

The packages provide patch application directions. Inside each package is one transparent patch, two alcohol swabs, and one set of directions, complete with pictures. The 100 mg patch measures 3.25” x 2.5”. If you want a smaller amount of CBD, you can simply cut the patch in half.

We tested the Select CBD Gel Caps 1,000 mg Boost and Rest products.

Ingredients and dosage

Select CBD’s products are best-known for pure CBD, potency, and flavor. And while the brand isn’t cheap—quality never is—they do offer 20 percent discounts for life to first responders and veterans.

All testers could tell the difference between using the Select CBD vapes and not using them, and that was true for every variety and every tester. The details are slightly more complicated, but there was no question that these CBD vapes worked well.

The only down side was that—like any vape cartridge—toward the end, the flavor suffered a little. Still, this is more a sign of needing a new vape than a design flaw, and we took it as such.

Online Select CBD Reviews

One downside to any disposable pen like this is that you can’t see how low the oil level is getting visually—but you can tell based on the taste.

The Lemon-Ginger Energy Select CBD Drops. Again, the taste on these knocked it out of the park, and we got lots of amazing effects.