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pureform botanicals cbd

PureForm is a biosciences company focused on the discovery and production of pure cannabinoids for use in treating disease and promoting wellness.

PureForm is a leader in the development and manufacture of pure, nature-identical cannabinoids from natural ingredients for use in consumer and pharmaceutical applications.

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PureForm CBD™

Pure CBD. Zero THC.

Pureform botanicals cbd

“We take a naturally occurring terpene, mostly from citrus. We use a process of synthesis to take that terpene and turn it into a cannabinoid and so we sort of start with what looks kind of like a cannabinoid, but it’s a terpene and then we use a process of synthesis to get it to a pure cannabinoid. About 10% of an orange is oil, and that oil isn’t usable in food or beverage. And so we take that oil and then we get the terpenes out of that oil and then we convert that into our existing starting material,”​ explained PureForm’s founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Shaun Jarvis.

“I like to think of us as another resource for people wanting to use CBD because at the end of the day, we will never replace CBD completely because some people want their their products from the original source –like some people only want omega-3 from salmon or some people only want to drive a Chevy with a gas combustion engine. So it’s not that electric cars, for example, will replace gas combustion engines. It’s that some people we’ll want them and some people will want the other. Do I think we’re probably ahead of the curve and I think that that synthesis will be a bigger part of the category than it is now? Absolutely, but I don’t think that we displace them as much as it would seem maybe from the outside,”​ said Jarvis.

While Jarvis expects to disrupt the CBD and alcoholic beverage industry, he doesn’t have the “us vs. them” mentality.

Organic Hempseed Oil
MCT (100% Coconut Derived)
Organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you do not select an alternative carrier oil, your carrier will be MCT.

We create bespoke blends by combining several terpenes in order to aid the therapeutic effects of CBD and the other cannabinoids, according to the needs of the customer.

Packaging & label may vary to above.

Mg of EXTRACT & CBD per bottle;