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pure relief cbd cream

Pure relief cbd cream

All of our CBD products are combined with the finest organic ingredients to give you the best possible experience.


Find a new way to bring natural balance to your life with our organic CBD oil products. Sourced and produced in small batches in Central and Southern Maine.


Our premium CBD products are cultivated organically and lab tested, held to organic standards from seed to extraction. Our source farmers, hemp oil extraction facilities, product innovators, and rigorous testing standards define our CBD oil. We take a holistic approach with our hemp oil products and deploy our vast knowledge of all cannabinoids and how they react within the body.

Wellness should feel natural. Our Pure Relief CBD Cooling Cream includes our pure all-natural CBD Isolate and other ingredients that will provide a moisturizing, soothing and cooling effect when applied to sore muscles and joints after exercise. Experience the benefits of this topical CBD solution and start feeling genuine, natural results.

Strength Guide

Apply cream to desired area. Start off by applying one full pump of the container, and rub the cream thoroughly into your skin. You may apply as much or as little cream as you need.

This strength is best suited for everyday use and provides a rapid cooling effect, perfect for joint and muscle support throughout the body. Each bottle contains approximately 100 uses and is THC Free.

Pure relief cbd cream

Our plant-based CBD topicals have been created to provide you with an all-natural solution to everyday discomfort. Pure Relief topicals are the best way to enjoy all the calming topical properties of hemp-derived CBD from muscle and joint support to soothing benefits for your skin.

All our topical products are made with a blend of natural powerhouse ingredients and the purest CBD extracted from American-grown hemp plants. Additionally, our CBD topicals are tested by third-party laboratories to guarantee the highest standards for quality and purity. You can rest assured that you are getting the best natural CBD topicals for sale on the market today.

As one of the most powerful ingredients found in nature, hemp-derived CBD has a vast number of benefits for your body and mind. Generally, CBD Oils are used for things like stress and brain fog, while CBD topicals may be more effective at providing support for the physically-challenging aspect of your daily routines, such as tired muscles and sore joints. If you have an active lifestyle and the pain and aches of everyday life are holding you back, CBD topicals may be able to provide you with the extra help you need.