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pure natural cbd

Pure natural cbd

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Quickest, most efficient whole body integration achieved through the mucosal lining in our mouth, under the tongue and through the tongue itself. Tinctures, orals, sublinguals

Points of education

Due to the time it takes to reach the digestive tract/liver for absorption, initial use dosages are recommended low. Wait an hour or so to determine the need for additional/greater dosing. Capules, gummies, honey

Oral Mucosal

Ingestion – (30-120 minutes)

Nano CBD 5x Strength

Pure Natural CBD products come in the form of full spectrum CBD or THC free CBD, to meet the needs of each patient. Full spectrum products contain CBD as well as other cannabinoids, including a small percentage of THC, and terpenes to give patients the strongest effect. THC free products do not have the cannabinoid THC. Some options still come with a blend of terpenes and other cannabinoids. Pure Natural CBD is here to bring you the best product to fit your needs.

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On the go option for fast CBD delivery.

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Pure Natural CBD believes that our products are effective and the research behind it will only continue to grow and show how it helps patients. We rely on peer-reviewed scientific data to keep up to date on the new ways in which CBD can help you. Pure Natural CBD strives to sell products that are proven effective through scientific evidence not just personal experience. We hope to inform to allow all our clients to make the right decision for them.

Over 20 essential oils & terpenes.