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prima cbd oil

Prima cbd oil

Could you benefit from adding the cannabis extract to your beauty regime?

To put the ingredient to the test, I put my favourite products aside and replaced them with CBD oil versions for one week. To really put its anti-inflammatory properties to work, I did so the week before my period, when my skin always gets stressed out and I get hormonal break-outs around my chin area.

To get an independent view, I asked dermatologist and acne guru, Dr Justine Kluk what she thought of the hype. ‘The effects of CBD on the skin sound very promising,’ she says. Yet, she believes it’s still too early to tell, as ‘the evidence base is still is still pretty limited at present’. So, in the name of beauty, I did my own research…

The company has been registered as a public benefit corporation, which means that one of its goals is to maximize shareholder profits, but some of those profits are also spent to benefit the public. The company is considering to reinvest such funds into cannabis-related research. One of the most significant feats faced by the company, though, is convincing regulators that the products are safe – which is not easy.

First, there is Night Magic, which is a treatment for the skin on the face and neck. This formula features 13 potent, organic, and luxurious botanical oils and 150 mg of hemp cannabinoids. This includes naturally occurring CBD.

Since launching earlier in 2019, Prima has been working to provide education about CBD as a resource to its customers. It works to make therapeutic products less mystical. With its online shop, the company is now segueing into quality CBD wellness products that men and women can feel good about incorporating into their lifestyle.

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These five CBD-based skin products are also available in two different collections, the ‘Grounded & Glowing’ as well as the ‘Reset & Recover’ packages.

Development of the startup began about seven months ago and it features two other co-founders: Jessica Assaf of Cannabis Feminist, and Laurel Angelica Myers, who worked with Gavigan at Honest.