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price of cbd per gram

Price of cbd per gram

If some of the numbers outlined above seem shocking to you, you’re not alone. CBD products in general, including CBD oil and flower alike, tend to be somewhat pricey, especially when it comes to purchasing good-quality options.

For reference, one pound is equal to about 16 ounces of CBD hemp flower. That’s a whopping 453.592 (so, roughly 453-454) individual grams of flower. Purchasing this many individually would certainly cost a fortune!

Typically, the average cost for purchasing a single gram of CBD flower is around $10-15. If you buy in bulk, such as buying one ounce which is equal to about 28 grams, then you can expect to pay approximately $100-200 total, or $3.50-5 a gram. These prices will vary greatly depending on the quality and numerous other factors.

The larger the operation (to produce and sell CBD hemp products), the cheaper a company can likely afford to sell their products, including pounds at a time.

The Amount You Purchase

Generally speaking, the more you buy, the cheaper the price gets. This includes buying by the pound. Though the percentage of CBD fans who can afford to purchase multiple pounds at a time may be relatively low, those who can will likely find that it’s an even better way to save money in the long-run.

The exact price of an ounce of hemp flower will depend on where the flower comes from, the seller, and its characteristics. For instance:

For an ever growing population of individuals, CBD hemp flower or similar products are not mere supplements: they’re a form of medication, whether it be for your mental or physical health. Even those whose primary interest in CBD isn’t related to treating medical conditions and symptoms, there are so many potential benefits that come along with CBD that it’s hard not to be interested.

CBD Hemp Flower Price per Pound

Purchasing an entire ounce of CBD hemp flower is a great choice for those who are secure in their commitment to it, as mentioned, and it can be much cheaper (and therefore sustainable) than other types of CBD products.

Typically, greenhouse and other hemp flower grown outdoors are sold from around $250-$1000 per pound. These types of flower are usually a step below other options, and they may not retain the same qualities (taste, potency, smoothness, etc.) that others might.

Price of cbd per gram

Testing can get pricey, especially in a state such as California, where regulations implemented in late 2018 increased testing costs 40% to 55% for some manufacturers, according to MJBizDaily. This can have an impact on how cost-effective the overall production process is, which in turn impacts the cost per milligram to the consumer. Flannery estimated testing can cost a company between $100 and $400 per sample, and they may have to test several samples. Those that produce flower — from which the oil is derived — have to test incrementally, such as every 55 pounds.

The label will also tell you how many milligrams of CBD the oil contains. This number may be the total amount or how many milligrams are in each serving.

Flannery noted that “cannabis tends to be a little more resinous, so the entourage effect and ensemble effect that you would be able to achieve [by] including some of those other cannabinoids is more profound. But if you’re just consuming an isolate product, it does not matter [which plant] it comes from.”

Is CBD oil lab tested?

Since you’ll be ingesting CBD oils or tinctures, you may wish to find out how much CBD is in each serving — a serving is usually a 1 milliliter (ml) dropper full. To do that, determine the number of milligrams of CBD within the whole product then divide by the number of total milliliters. For example, if the CBD oil contains 30ml of liquid and 500mg of CBD, then you divide 500 by 30 to get about 16.6mg of CBD per serving, dropper, or milliliter.

CBD oil prices are also affected by legal requirements related to lab testing. Third-party testing ensures that a product is safe and correctly measured and that consumers are getting clean, lab-grade CBD. A licensed lab will make sure a product’s listed potency is accurate, meaning you’re actually getting the amount of CBD or THC you’re paying for, or alternatively, that the THC content is zero for those who want to avoid any possible intoxicating effects or drug-testing surprises. Lab tests also analyze moisture content and screen for pesticides, mold, fungus, heavy metals, and residual solvents — chemicals that may remain after the extraction process.

Because there is such a vast range of CBD products, companies, extraction techniques, and market factors, it can be difficult to pin down a clear average cost per mg CBD. But, as a general ballpark, here is an example CBD oil price comparison, using prices found in Los Angeles, and broken down as price per mg of CBD:

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“If you are a cannabis consumer and you go to a licensed retailer, you are close to 100% certain that all of that product has been tested by a third-party lab and it passed very stringent restrictions and regulations,” Flannery said.

If your product is an edible — chocolate, candy, etc. — or capsule, you may find that the package lists how many milligrams of CBD are in the individual items. If a bottle of capsules says that each capsule contains 30mg of CBD and there are 30 capsules in the bottle, that would be 900 total mg of CBD. Knowing the total number of milligrams of CBD in a package, whether it’s chocolate or tincture, can help you better compare costs across CBD products.