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potionz lotionz 200mg cbd

Potionz lotionz 200mg cbd

And now a few pre-emptive answers:

When combined with the hands of a learned massage therapist, these topicals become even more powerful weapons against pain. This massage had an elevated quality to it, and I felt especially attuned to my shoulder knot as she worked and worked and worked on it. I noticed the lessening tension with each sweep Diller took, and by the time I floated on down the street to my car, I realized I was indeed walking straight up and down — and without the tension that has occupied my shoulder for five or six years.

This feeling, the physiological equivalent of a Washed Out jam or Sigur Ros ballad, was familiar. As I made my way to my car, I wasn’t walking. I was floating. And I’d floated like this before — after my first acupuncture treatment, which was so life-altering that I immediately wrote a short story about it in an attempt to capture the essence of a feeling I never knew existed outside of science fiction.

In the past six months of experimentation with infused topicals, I’ve learned that not all of these salves and lotions and balms are created equally. I have favorites, and there are also other brands I would never spend money on again. After a half-hour of this massage, Apothecanna was immediately at the top of my topicals list.

How did you initially get into CBD? I was introduced to the Lord Jones brand by my hairstylist and dear friend Jenny Cho three and a half years ago. I’ve been lucky to experience a ton of products through my industry and some of them work and some of them are not for me. But the Lord Jones name kept continually popping up because a lot of women were using their soothing body lotion on their feet and back when we used to walk in high heels, which we don’t anymore, I tried that hack and I was blown away by how it felt. I loved the quality, I loved how I felt lighter and I became very interested in what CBD was and how it can work for me. I started using their tincture and I didn’t notice anything initially but I’m also aware of the fact that you have to eat more than one piece of spinach to get a six pack, so I stuck with it and after about two weeks I found that my ride home from work, which is normally frantically going over my to do lists and what I need to pack for my children’s lunch, kind of just evaporated. I was listening to the radio and I thought oh wow, CBD makes me feel like I’m turning the volume down on my whole life and it’s at the perfect volume. So, I contacted the Lord Jones team and I said I would love to get more into CBD and create a product that had a lower price point that was accessible to everyone. Basically, can we use your high end recipes, alter them and educate the public on what CBD is, since it is a space that is completely saturated and also incorporates a ton of misinformation and either plays to this stoner trope, which doesn’t appeal to me or this clinical framework, which also doesn’t appeal to me. I thought what would I look like if I were in your medicine cabinet, just sitting there waiting for you and that is what I’d look like. I’d have shiny packaging, I’d be bright, fun colors, I’d be whispering metaphors about perspective in your mind. It has been a really, really fun two years developing this.

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Why did you have moms in mind when creating this collection? Moms juggle so much already and I wanted to make sure the products didn’t prevent self-care from becoming yet another task, because it’s a never ending to do list. My goal was to make it easy to use. Most people are using a body lotion anyway—you’re not having to remember to take another vitamin or whatever. And I wanted fun, clean textures that created a delightful experience that were easy to incorporate into your daily ritual, if you can even call the five minutes you have to yourself in the morning a ritual.

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