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physician grade cbd cream reviews

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CBD became legal with the 2018 Farm Bill, which allowed farmers to grow hemp and produce hemp-based products legally. Since then, companies across the country have been working to create their own lines of products with CBD, though each one offers something a little different. With Physicians Grade, consumers find a company that has zeroed in on their customers, as they seek out new technology and research to improve the quality of their products.

Physicians Grade CBD Products

The CBD Oil Tinctures are the most popular products on the Physicians Grade website, as they are the most familiar form to find CBD in. These tinctures range from 300mg to 5,000mg of CBD in every bottle, starting at $32.99.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Along with the many stress relieving and pain reducing benefits of Physicians Grade, consumers are able to reduce the inflammation of aging with these beauty products. While consumers are redirected to another section of the site, these formulas are still very much a part of their main inventory. Consumers can choose from oil, cream, or drops to nourish their skin with full-spectrum CBD oil, though the facial oil drops include vitamin C for a more concentrated approach to wrinkles.