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philadelphia cbd

We carry all the products you see online in our store as well. We also carry additional products in store that are not available on our site.


Please use the chat option on the site or call 215-465-6570 if you are looking for a product but do not see it on the site.

We offer a full range of Wholistic Medicines, CBD Flower, CBD Tinctures, CBD Drinks, CDB Oils, CBD Vape juice, and Pet treats medicines.

Philadelphia cbd

Despite the Wild West vibe of the CBD industry, some companies have attempted to maintain accountability.

So, Beck weaned herself off the drugs over a six-week period while adding a CBD regimen. She said she noticed an immediate reduction in pain. Her sleep improved. And she no longer felt like she was in a stupor.

Sara Jane Ward, of Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine, has researched CBD for 12 years.

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“It just eliminates the sharp pain; it makes it more subtle,” Heffner said. “I would say I still have pain, but just not as severe.”

Soothe, the Philly-based company, is careful not to make any unsubstantiated claims about its various CBD products, which include edibles, vapes, topicals and tinctures. Management takes the matter so seriously it distributes a set of compliance guidelines to social media influencers touting their products online. Influencers are urged not to claim Soothe products can cure, treat or prevent their ailments. Rather, they are encouraged to say that it regulates mood, alleviates discomfort or promotes gut health.

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“We stay away from any terminology that could be misconstrued,” co-founder Brandon Bahr said. “That’s a huge thing the industry, as a whole, lacks. Ninety-five percent of companies are extremely noncompliant. You literally can’t even say the word ‘pain.'”

“By and large, the vast majority of the research out there in that space is extremely positive,” Ward said. “There is a lot of enthusiasm from the research community about the therapeutic potential of CBD for the treatment of diseases needing neuroprotection and anti-inflammatory effects and things like that.”