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phil gaimon cbd

Phil gaimon cbd

“You going Mega?” “MEGA. ” “Oh snap. Okay I’m in.”

Mega Riding Blocks

Which brings me to the first product that goes on Pre-Ride.

Chamois Cream

Any athlete looking for CBD should check out the Hello Blue CBD product line, especially endurance athletes looking to improve their workouts and recovery with CBD.

Phil gaimon cbd

Brewmaster, Mad Fritz

Retired Pro Cyclist, Author, YouTuber

Executive Chef, Clif Family Winery

We’re setting up our weekend basecamp located at the newfound Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs in the heart of downtown Calistoga. Special rates apply to our CampoVelo guests.

Nile Zacherle

Unpaid Intern at The Horton Collection

CampoVelo Co-Founder, Chef, Cyclist, Philanthropist & Author

We’re all about the food. Morning, noon and night you’ll experience what well call “happy-belly” moments.

Phil Gaimon

More reasons to rise and shine. Different routes. New views. More good fun and good times. Pedal hard (or easy) or don’t pedal at all, but don’t miss our Sunday afternoon brunch. We’ll refuel you and refill you with the joy of good meals and celebratory moments.

Founder/Owner Kara’s Cupcakes & Bar Lucia