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pharma hemp cbd drops

In our laboratories in Zlín, we cold-press hemp oil and enrich it with natural CBD isolate. It comes from the Cannabis sativa plant, which is grown by our proven farmers. They carefully grow completely organically, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We guarantee the BIO quality of all our oils.

INGREDIENTS: Cold pressed hemp oil, cbd isolate (cannabidiol) 2000 mg

It does not contain any addictive substances (THC). Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the components of the product. Not suitable for children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Keep out of reach of children.

In this crazy world, CBD will help you find a little peace. You are right here if you are looking for how to increase immunity better manage stress work more effectively improve performance promote healing better sleep improve regeneration alleviate pain One drop contains 8 mg of active substance. The most popular form of CBD is clearly drops. That’s why we took care of every detail and prepared drops of premium quality for you. We have the whole process under our thumb, from cultivation to processing, to make sure that we deliver the real seed to you. CBD oil is made from cold-pressed hemp oil, which is enriched with CBD isolate.

PACKAGING: For the most convenient and accurate dosing, the package contains a dropper. In order for the drops to reach you properly, we pack them in boxes made of recycled paper.

In this bottle you will find 2000 mg of natural CBD isolate extracted by the CO2 method from Cannabis sativa plants, which have grown completely organically, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In order to maintain the highest quality of the final product. Because the drops do not contain THC or other addictive substances, you can dose them at any time during the day. How CBD works CBD, or cannabidiol, is obtained from industrial hemp, which is bred to contain high amounts of CBD and minimal THC. Thanks to this, it is completely legal to grow and process it. Unlike the more well-known THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects (layman – “does not smoke” you).

It has a positive effect on the physical and mental balance of your body. So CBD is about what you don’t feel before what you feel. CBD acts on one of the most important receptor systems in our body – the endocannabinoid system (ES). It affects our immune system, our mood and memory, but also sleep and appetite. The task of the EC is to maintain homeostasis in the body – or balance. Cannabinoids – in this case, CBDs help maintain this balance.

Pharma hemp cbd drops

1 ml / 0.034 fl. oz. of product contains 240 mg / 0.00846 oz. of cannabidiol (CBD).

Ingredients: 100% organic cold-pressed olive oil, Industrial hemp components with cannabinoids (Cannabis sativa L.).

Contains only natural ingredients, no artificial colors, aromas, or preservatives are added. Our product has been tested for microbiological adequacy, it does not contain parabens or any artificial dyes, scents, and is free of toxins and heavy metals.

Pharmahemp™ Premium Black CBD Drops are produced from CO2 extracted resin, rich with wide range of neutral cannabinoids, from organically grown Cannabis plants. The product contains 24% (2400 mg) of cannabidiol (CBD).

Organic hemp material used for extraction is grown and cultivated without herbicides and pesticides. All Pharmahemp™ products are subjected to third-party testing of cannabinoid ratio, heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological contamination.