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peak cbd

Peak cbd

At High Peaks, we’re obsessed with a feeling. A feeling of adventure, spontaneity, self-discovery, and re-creation. We encourage a life full of pushing boundaries and escaping routines.

A successful journey begins with a body that feels great. Feel the mental clarity and calming effect of our special formulations of CBD extract and other helpful cannabinoids. With High Peaks running through you, you’ll feel empowered to climb to new heights, satisfy your curiosities, and truly experience each of the moments that make up your journey.

Fuel Your Journey

“I’d not been sleeping well and starting off each morning still tired, until I tried Nightsky CBN-CBD Sleep Aid. Now I get a good 8 hours of restful sleep each night and wake up feeling fully charged for my day! “

High Peaks Gummies are the perfect way to get your daily dose of hemp extract – all in one delicious bite.

NightSky CBN-CBD Sleep Aid

This rare combination of cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidiol (CBD) is known for easing an anxious mind and relaxing the body completely. Discover Your Peak with High Peaks NightSky CBN + CBD Sleep Aid Capsules.

Peak cbd

“Matt is great to work with. If I have a problem with a product, I just write to Matt and he takes care of it. Thank you for being so sweet to work with. Everything I order has been all good. Thanks for being easy to work with.”

Holly Springs NC Lab and Production visits upon request

December 21, 2021

“So far I’m impressed with my purchase! I suffer with restless leg syndrome and joint pain. I have used this cream twice a day on my legs and feet, and up to 5 times a day on my hands. I believe it’s beginning to make a difference. I will purchase again! The hand sanitizer is awesome as well. It does not dry out my skin. Very pleasant to use!”


This is our business and profession. We are CERTIFIED by the CBD Training Academy for extraction, members and PREFERRED PARTNER of the CBD Industry Association (CBDIA), members of the Chamber of Commerce, we are members of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), and our extraction facility is FDA registered.