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omega herbals cbd

Omega herbals cbd

There are five products offered by Herbs to treat different areas and problems of the skin obtaining incredible results.

To obtain the best results, the CBD of our products is carefully selected. Our CBD comes from organically grown hemp plantations in order to offer the best to our skins. For Herbs we use top quality CBD oil that is safe and effective.

There are many benefits that CBD can bring to our skin, once you know them you won’t be able to resist trying Herbs!

Perhaps you haven’t heard of this curious ingredient or, on the contrary, if you already have, you’ll find it probably surprising that it’s the main protagonist in one of our latest launches. So, pay attention because CBD is conquering the world of cosmetics and we’re going to explain to you why!


CBD, also known as Cannabidol, is one of the many natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. This natural compound is the second most abundant in the plant. Unlike THC (the first most abundant component in cannabis), CBD is not psychoactive, but it does have many benefits for the skin and that is why we love it.

D iscover our skin care line made with CBD that will revolutionize your daily beauty routine. Let us introduce you to Herbs – five products, all with CBD as primary ingredient.

    : Apply the multipurpose balm to the skin of the face, neck or the most damaged areas of your body. It recovers the natural balance and the necessary hydration to maintain healthy looking skin. You can apply it as many times as you need daily and thanks to its balm texture it is very easy and pleasant to apply.

Benefits of CBD for the skin

Now that you know what CBD can do for your skin, it’s time to try its products and see the results. Don’t hesitate to write to us if you want to know more.

The main difference between hemp oil vs CBD oil, is that hemp oil has little to no CBD content. Hemp Oil is made by cold-pressing the hemp seeds into an omega-rich culinary oil. CBD oil is made by extracting the compound CBD from the leaves, flowers and stalks of a hemp plant. However, both hemp oil and CBD oil, have their own health benefits.

Natural 2000mg CBD Oil

Yes, hemp oil can be good for pain. Hemp seed oil is applied topically or ingested by many people as a form of natural pain relief. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can be useful for people suffering from a variety of painful infections, autoimmune disorders or injuries.

Is hemp oil good for pain?

Interested? Good! We’ve actually dedicated a whole blog post for the benefits of CBD oil – check it out to learn more!