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old mutual centre harare cbd harare

The judgment debt not having been satisfied, the first respondent obtained a writ of execution on 15 March 2010. On 17 May 2011 the second respondent attached and served a notice of removal on the first applicant. This prompted him to lodge this urgent chamber application for stay of execution pending the determination of the application for rescission of judgment he has already lodged with this Court. In this application he purports to represent himself and the second applicant.

“The company is currently non existent. My lease was in Zimbabwean dollars. I have written them a letter to say what I can afford. I do not deny liability. I do not deny anything. I am willing to pay.

On or about July 2008 the parties concluded a written lease agreement in respect of premises situate at 14 th Floor, North Wing, Cabs Centre Stand Number 736B corner Sam Nujoma and Jason Moyo Avenue Harare.

Before me the first applicant stated that he is not disputing liability but was pleading for time to pay since he had no capacity to pay because currently he is unemployed and the second respondent is not operating. This is what he had to say:

BHUNU J: The first applicant is a director of the second applicant company Daniel Technologies P/L. The first respondent is a company in the business of letting out properties.

The second applicant subsequently fell into arrears resulting in the parties concluding a deed of settlement on 15 October the following terms:

“1. The lessee shall settle US$12,627.09, which is part payment of the balance of its outstanding rent and operating costs for the leased premises for the period January to October 2009 not later than 31 October 2009.

Old mutual centre harare cbd harare

OK Wave Money Transfers Continued

In light of that glaring deficiency, here are all of the licenced firms where you can buy USD at the prevailing auction rate (plus commissions) according to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.


Access Finance continued

Earlier this year, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) announced that it was allocating money to licenced Bureaux de Change so that they can sell USD at the Auction Rate to the public. We have reported here a number of times about ContiCash, which is one of the many licenced operators that anyone can buy USD from.

Send Money Home Continued

The east side of the floor space is probably the most unusual for an office space. There’s a coffee shop for tenants to grab a quick cup or a snack, as well as bistro-style seating for tenants to relax or chat with clients. There is a series of banquettes for more informal seating as well as some comfy wing back chairs upholstered in vibrant Java print.

Old Mutual has partnered with Office Design Co on a number of previous projects including the design and implementation of their refurbished reception and Service Centres (both CABS and GreenZone) at 100 The Chase in Emerald Hill. In addition Office Design Co. has created the interior design and brand identity for CABS branches and GreenZone (Old Mutual’s retail offering) in locations around Zimbabwe.

Although the design is a riot of colour and pattern, the consistent use of some materials helps to tie it all together. OSB board has been used throughout for some partitions, bulkheads and structural elements. It’s a slightly rough and ready material but helps to add texture and warmth to the industrial aesthetic. Java print has also been extensively used for its vibrant pattern, replacing regular, boring office-type fabrics. Another key element to refreshing the feel of the office environment is the extensive use of plants (in OSB planter boxes) to create a more informal look. The plants serve as screens and also help keep the air inside fresher and cleaner.

NBS Housing Project Set For Completion

The wing back chairs and other soft furnishings were manufactured to specification by Ivory Palm Interiors while most of the other seating was sourced from Only Italian. Ivory Palm Interiors also made the ottomans for the flexible auditorium are on the north side of the coffee shop. The cube shaped ottomans can be easily packed away into specially made shelving or arranged in any convenient configuration for presentations, group gatherings or for entertainment events. This space easily opens out to the adjacent café space with a full height, 7 metre long sliding folding door.

To the north of the lobby is the main reception desk which is backed by a brise soleil wall, partly painted in bright yellow and partly left untreated. On one side of the reception desk is a bright yellow partition of laser cut steel. Behind the reception desk is the shared printing space. To the right of the reception there’s a series of booths which have been partly soundproofed by padding covered in Java print where clients can make phone calls without making too much noise to disturb other occupants.

Old Mutual approached Office Design Co. to work on a radical new design for two floors of their Three Anchor House property in Jason Moyo Avenue in the City centre. The Office Design Co. team is comprised of Olly French who provides the design and conceptual side of Office Design Co. and Steve Bailey who focuses on the project management and implementation of their projects.

WeWork offers workspace to businesses where and when they need it, whether the goal is to be closer to home, empower teams in different cities, or have a go-to private space where workers can get away from their home offices and actually focus. Many smaller entrepreneurs don’t need full-time, dedicated office space but just the convenience of a desk, internet access, related services like printing facilities, and a comfortable space to consult with co-workers or meet with clients. The WeWork model offers shared offices, meeting rooms and office services in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

The third scenario is designed for a Small Business option where tenants can rent a fixed office, which will be lockable and separated – where they brand their own door and have added security and privacy, with lock-up and go options; each slightly different in size, décor and layout.