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oki islands cbd

Active hemp extract, commonly known as cannabidiol or CBD, is a naturally occurring compound found within the cannabis plant’s hemp component. Some of its known benefits include easing inflammation, reducing anxiety and ensuring that one’s cardiovascular health is on par. Some of the most common infusions include oils, vapes, personal care, gummies and capsules.

The Story Behind Oki

While the compound is still being excessively studied, its respective industry has expanded within a short period of time. Consumers today have more options compared to decades ago, where even suggesting its uses was once frowned upon. Interestingly, Oki has found a rather convenient yet hydrating CBD infusion, where more emphasis is placed on beverages.

Currently Offered Oki Essentials

Oki currently offers CBD-infused oils and capsules along with water and iced tea. This review will expound more on the latter two, as the former two are quite common in the industry.

Oki islands cbd

Our ancestors have cultivated and incorporated hemp in their lives for thousands of years. Their ancient ways have much to teach our modern civilization about health and wellness through natural substances. Most amazingly, the use of hemp supersedes culture differences. Written history shows virtually every culture in the world used hemp in some form for its medical benefits. Let’s take a journey through the ages to understand the role hemp has played with humanity.

10,000 BC

Ancient archaeological sites near the Oki Islands in Japan show evidence of hemp cultivation almost 12,000 years ago during the Bronze Age. This makes hemp one of the oldest crops in the age of human agriculture. From all available evidence, hemp predates the invention of the wheel and writing.

3,000 BC

5,000 year old hemp cord marked pot